What You Can Do to Live Your Ideal Life

What You Can Do to Live Your Ideal Life How do you feel about your life today? Do you wake up excited about what’s ahead of you? How do you want to live your ideal life? Everyone you meet usually asks if you have a career, if you own a house, are married, or have…

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The Essence of Your Being: Who are you?

What’s the essence of your being? If you had to take off your clothes and your body, what would be left? It’s the purest form of your soul. The essence of your being is to experience. If you allow yourself to simply move toward something, perhaps a goal or purpose, you will have an effect…

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Why Now is the Best Time for Personal Growth

Self-improvement… Self-growth… These are just some of the common terms for personal growth. But what does it really mean for you? How can it make your life better? Why is now the best time to invest in your personal development? What is Personal Growth? Personal Growth is simply the act of upgrading your skills, knowledge,…

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Falling In Love vs Orbiting in Love

Orbiting in love and falling in love—what’s the difference between the two? People get into relationships for different reasons but one common reason on a higher level is because it brings up things for you to look at about yourself and what you believe about your life. What works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, being in…

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Managing Your Energy and Re-Emerging from Isolation

Have you noticed any hesitancy or difference from people around their personal space? Have you noticed any difference in your own personal space? This has something to do with managing your energy. It occurred to me that people may be feeling a little discomfort or unsureness about how to manage their energy with others as…

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What Is My Purpose?

life purpose

What is My Purpose? Have you figured out what your life purpose is? Do you know the reason for your existence? Some of you may be on track while some may be off track with your life purpose right now. But when do you say that you’re on track? How do you become off track?…

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Self Love… An Intimate Ritual

Self Love Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

We often block ourselves from self-love. Maybe you feel guilt or beat yourself up. Maybe you call yourself names, or say you shoulda, woulda, coulda. Many of us have been conditioned to do all of the above. And when we do these things we attract punishment into our lives. We don’t allow self appreciation or…

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Love and Unity

Unity Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

What is love? And what is unity? When you think about love, does your mind go to warm, fuzzy feelings in your belly? Do you blush? Or think incessantly about the object of your affection? That’s not love. When you think about unity, do you imagine people coming together to compromise and come to an…

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United We Fly, Divided We Cry

United Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

In these unsettling times, it’s more important than ever to learn how to bridge our differences. I know we’ve all heard it before, but the truth is that we’re all in this together. I have been concerned about our loss of connection as a result of the pandemic, lockdowns, social isolation, political differences and more.…

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2021: Setting Intentions for THIS or Something Better

Setting Intentions Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

2020 proved to be a challenging year, and as we move into 2021, some of us may have expectations that are pretty low. You might be thinking that it can be a mediocre kind of year and still surpass what we’ve just come out of. Or, you might have high anticipations for the next twelve…

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