Finding your Spirit Guides Meditation

This short meditation with Burge will bring you a different feeling of connection and peace.

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What You Can Do to Live Your Ideal Life

What You Can Do to Live Your Ideal Life How do you feel about your life today? Do you wake up excited about what’s ahead of you? How do you want to live your ideal life? Everyone you meet usually asks if you have a career, if you own a house, are married, or have…

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Why Now is the Best Time for Personal Growth

Self-improvement… Self-growth… These are just some of the common terms for personal growth. But what does it really mean for you? How can it make your life better? Why is now the best time to invest in your personal development? What is Personal Growth? Personal Growth is simply the act of upgrading your skills, knowledge,…

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Managing Your Energy and Re-Emerging from Isolation

Have you noticed any hesitancy or difference from people around their personal space? Have you noticed any difference in your own personal space? This has something to do with managing your energy. It occurred to me that people may be feeling a little discomfort or unsureness about how to manage their energy with others as…

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Shamanasta’s view on Coronavirus

Shamanasta shares how we can keep our vibrations high. How we can support each other, and stay present & connected during this time of physical social distancing.

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Two Things Blocking you from Reaching Goals

reaching goals

How do you feel after reaching goals? When you set intentional visions for reaching your goals, you can see them as if they’ve already happened. You can imagine yourself at the end of your career, or when your children are grown…looking back on what you’ve accomplished. You can feel the satisfaction that comes with achieving…

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Love and Grief: How do we Deal with It?

love and grief at the grave

Why is it so difficult to lose someone you love? To death, divorce, break-up or other circumstance? Why does love and grief have to be so traumatic? It’s true: when you lose someone or something you love, the sadness and loneliness can be intense. You might feel like you will never be the same, or…

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Are you Calm in Chaos? A Quiz


Being calm in chaos: it’s something you may have witnessed from emergency responders, surgeons or traders on Wall Street. Maybe you admire their level-headedness. Maybe you’ve even thought Wow, I’d never be able to do that job. And when any one of us thinks that way, we underestimate our own daily need to stay calm…

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Sex and Essence of Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy

Listen to our podcast on SEX AND ESSENCE OF INTIMACY! When you open up and allow another person into your space, that intimacy will transform your relationship. A variety of fears and long-held beliefs can keep us from fully opening up to others. Those things that need healing inside us will come up in loving…

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The “I” of the Storm

  The “I” of the Storm This week, we witnessed the second of two devastating hurricanes which rocked the United States and much of the Caribbean.  Irma, now on record as having sustained the highest winds (185 mph for 37 hours) hit just days after Harvey, which left much of Houston underwater.  Here in Atlanta,…

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