Conscious Relationships

A conscious relationship means an authentic relationship. What I have found in my 30+ years of teaching across 6 continents is that everyone wants the same thing – to know that they make a difference, that they are loved, that they are safe, and that they matter. Being authentic really is all about understanding your subconscious so that you can bring it to a conscious level when it comes to your relationships.

Authentic is defined as an undisputed origin, or a genuine experience. Think back on your relationships – are they genuine? Are they REAL (Realizing Energy Accountable to Love)? There are three types of relationships I generally talk about; relationship with self, relationships with others, and relationship to Spirit or Connection. In this episode we are going to delve into relationships with others.

The conscious thoughts we have around relationships are often centered on actions, such as getting on a dating app, going on a date, going to counseling. These are all conscious actions you can take. However, there are simultaneously many subconscious thoughts going on in your head that you may or may not be aware of, such as I’m not good enough to have or keep a relationship, I feel unwanted, maybe something is wrong with me, I’ve been betrayed so I feel mistrust towards relationships. These are subconscious thoughts that we may not consciously think about a lot but which are there nonetheless. And these thoughts are important to address, because the brain cannot distinguish between conscious and subconscious thoughts!

We accumulate all these perceptions about what a relationship is throughout our lives. Feelings develop based on our experiences, our feelings lead to beliefs about relationships, and those beliefs become embedded into our subconscious which impacts the results we see in our lives. For example, depending on your past experiences, you may put up shields to protect yourself from the harm you have experienced in the past. Our experiences do inform our present lives, whether consciously we want that to be the case or not.

The good news is, we can change those thoughts and beliefs. However, guess who is the common denominator, and the only person you can change? We may not want to hear it, but the only person whose thoughts and beliefs you can change is you. And that’s what we are going to play with in this episode. What are your subconscious thoughts around certain types of relationships?

These are just some of the ideas I discuss in my playshops. If you want to take it to the next level and are ready to take a leap, join our next Essence of Being workshop and break through the blocks that are keeping you stuck and claim the life you were born to live!