Transitions: Is Change Scary?

What is it about transitions that can illicit so much fear, that we stay in relationships or jobs that no longer serve our best and highest? 

Is change scary? Absolutely! Is it avoidable? No. In this episode, I will not only help you identify the feelings behind the fear, but also give you some powerful tools that will help you move through transitions with grace and ease. 

Two of the biggest reasons we fear change are the fear of failure and fear of the unknown. We will delve into why and learn how to diffuse the power they have through conscious awareness. Then we will break it down with the change formula. C = V + B + P. This formula demystifies what it takes to consciously move through change successfully. Think you have it figured out? Tune in for the answer. 

Change is inevitable but we do not have to wait for a cosmic 2X4 to choose to move forward in our lives using our internal GPS system. I’ll give you two concrete tools that will guide you. The most powerful “to do list” in the world and a ladder to emotional freedom.  

These are just some of the tools I use in my playshops. If you want to take it to the next level and are ready to take a leap, join us in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida September 16-18, 2022, and break through the blocks that are keeping you stuck and claim the life you were born to live!