Self-Forgiveness, You Are Innocent

The Webster definition of forgiveness is “to go as before”. What does that mean? Each time we go through a difficult situation in life, we may experience guilt, or shame, or regret. These feelings can layer on top of one another. Self forgiveness aims to identify and clear some of those layers, to allow you to “go as before” you carried the weight of those feelings. Sometimes we feel stuck with where we’re at, or we let go of our desire and feel guilt about where we are now as a result. This can be debilitating.

Our subconscious beliefs about ourselves might not be aligned with our conscious thought, which I call our “bubble talk”. We can have a core belief about ourselves that works against our conscious thoughts, which ends up creating a lot of negative feedback and negative self talk. What happens when the gas and brake are both being pushed in your car? Your wheels spin, and you feel stuck. What we we want in our life can be viewed as the gas pedal, while the brake pedal represents our resistance. By addressing our subconscious beliefs, we can get to a place where we are able to let go of the brake without letting go of the gas.

Babaji said we are all actors for each other, and everyone else plays in your life exactly as you direct. If you think you are ill, an actor will appear to transmit an illness to you. If you think you are downtrodden, an actor will come to your service. If we see how we co-create things in our lives with other people, we are given the means to make a change.

Identifying and clearing blocks is how we reclaim out self love and innocence, and move forward in our lives. In this episode I guide you through several exercises to do just that.