Higher Vibes

This 2½ day event will create a safe, sacred space for you to gain clarity about your Higher-Self and explore your connection to Source.

Higher Vibes Event Information

Hosted By
Burge Smith-Lyons

During this Playshop, we'll create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your deep connection to Source. Guided by experienced facilitators, including Burge, we'll delve into a range of transformative practices like guided breath work, re-birthing, kinesiology, toning, and the powerful healing/energy circle. Together, we'll raise our vibrations and clear any blocks hindering our connection to Source.

This transformative class is open to anyone and everyone interested in exploring their spiritual journey. We welcome you with open arms, so reach out and let's expand our Healing Forest to include even more like-minded souls!

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  • Schedule for Each Workshop:
  • Friday, 7 pm - 11 pm
  • Saturday, 9 am - 7 pm
  • Sunday, 10 am - 3 pm
  • Your Investment For This 2½ Day Class Is Only $425
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*Limited spaces available!

What you will learn & experience

  • Discover Your Gifts: Learn how to recognize and harness your unique gifts and talents, empowering you to bring forth your highest potential.
  • Energy Mastery: Gain invaluable insights into managing your energy, protecting yourself from external influences, and cultivating energetic boundaries
  • Connect with Spirit Guides: Deepen your connection to your spiritual guides, tapping into their wisdom and guidance.
  • Soul Retrieval: Reclaim the missing fragments of your soul, allowing for profound healing and wholeness.
  • Read auras and astral bodies
  • The Art of Psychometry: Learn to read energy from inanimate objects, unraveling hidden insights and messages.
  • Shamanic Astrology: Discover your life's purpose and the valuable lessons you're here to learn and teach, all through the lens of shamanic astrology.
  • Awaken Your Intuition: Release emotional blocks that hinder your intuition and open your third eye to new dimensions of understanding.
  • Open your 3rd eye and Learn how to access dimensions
  • Channel Your Psychic Abilities: Learn to access and channel your psychic gifts, unlocking your innate spiritual potential.
  • Chakra Clearing: Experience profound healing through chakra clearing
  • Shamanaste Channeling Session
  • Calling in the Master Teachers: Harness the energy of master teachers and avatars for transformative healing.
  • Grounding and Protection: Discover grounding exercises and techniques to shield yourself from unwanted energies.
  • Through immersive meditations, experiential exercises, and enlightening information, all of this and more will be opened up to you, paving the way for a life of higher consciousness and purpose.

"Higher Vibes was an opportunity to learn my gifts and own up to them and really trust my gut instincts.  It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of the gifts that already exists within me"

Esther Akindayomi, McAllen, Texas

"Higher Vibes was for me a self-empowerment seminar that I keep in my heart with deep gratitude. With love and support from Burge and Brad. I was able to move into a very powerful space regarding my relationship with my inner guidance. The result for me was Freedom to give myself permission to go into this sacred space anytime I wanted and by doing so, I was able to discover very special gifts, including my healing gift. As a result of this beautiful discovery, I have been sharing my healing gift with people around me since I participated in Higher Vibes. I am so grateful to Burge and her ability to see beyond things and for her to look deeper into myself and to stand in my power and exercise my Healing gift!"

Rev. Gloria Ramirez, Pembroke Pine, Florida

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Higher Vibes—2½ Day Event

Atlanta, GA

June 21-23, 2024


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