Love and Grief: How do we Deal with It?

love and grief at the grave

Why is it so difficult to lose someone you love? To death, divorce, break-up or other circumstance? Why does love and grief have to be so traumatic? It’s true: when you lose someone or something you love, the sadness and loneliness can be intense. You might feel like you will never be the same, or…

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If I Can’t, I Must

Listen to our podcast on IF I CAN’T, I MUST! You may be thinking that you already have this topic covered, but trust me you won’t want to miss this Free Power Hour. The small amount of time you invest in this will save you a TON of time and frustration as well as give…

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You’ll Believe it When You See It

For the last two weeks we have been talking about the power of appreciation and gratitude. We each have the power to use our internal tuning fork to harness the energy of the Universe. What would your life look like if you could have anything you wanted? You can! The saying, “seeing is believing” or…

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