Giving Your Way to Prosperity

What’s the secret to being prosperous and abundant in every area of your life? To work harder? No. The secret is to GIVE your way to prosperity!  

In this powerful podcast Burge shares how she went from being bankrupt and living in her car as a single mom with a 2-year-old, to having millions in assets and traveling the world teaching adults and children how to live from the essence of their being which is whole and complete. For over 30 years, she has helped thousands of people return to the knowing that they deserve all the love and prosperity available from an infinite universe.  

How did she do it? By giving freely and frequently, whether it was one dollar or a smile. So why don’t all of us do it? 

Many of us have blocks around money — limiting beliefs we learned as children that are keeping us from prosperity today. We may have fear around having money or fear of giving it away. Some even have a fear of receiving money. 

The things we learned about money early in life can get in the way of how we open ourselves to experiencing financial abundance. For instance, if you were taught that wanting money makes you a greedy person, then it’s time to find new evidence around how people with money can change the world for the better. If you grew up believing that receiving money was a bad idea, because there’s always a string attached, then it’s time to start receiving freely so others can give.  

So how can you give freely and frequently if you have bills piling up and creditors knocking? 

The key is understanding that giving and receiving is the SAME energy. Everything is energy. Quantum physics now proves that. From the chair you are sitting in, the words you speak and your emotions, it’s all energy. That means that we have the ability to raise and lower our vibration based on our thoughts and emotions.  

How will giving more raise your prosperity? When you give freely, you feel good. When you help someone, you feel good. Not only are you telling the Universe that you are prosperous enough to give, but when you feel good, you raise your vibration. Through giving freely, you are undoing those subconscious beliefs around money.  

You can create a giving-and-receiving flow in which what goes out from you comes back to you. In this way, money can flow like water. All you’ll need to do is change the emotions that you have attached to money and be willing to trust and allow.  

Listen in to learn how to identify your limiting beliefs and learn some tools that will help you raise your vibration and give your way to having everything you could want and desire. YOU are worth it! 

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