Sex and The Essence of Intimacy

Self Love Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

Intimacy is the process of self-discovery. Some people experience fear of being drawn into intimacy, whether their definition includes sex or not, because there is fear surrounding letting someone see inside of them. In this episode I invite you to look at that fear as energy, and use it use it as an invitation to move forward. Remember that strength lies in vulnerability. Don’t waste energy resisting the direction that life naturally moves you in. Resistance creates tension, pain and conflict. Whereas surrender leads to ease, peace and satisfaction. Your happiness can be a result of letting go of any projections you may have, and trusting life to bring your purpose together with the other person when you are in a sexual relationship.

Many people experience a paradox of fear around sex and intimacy. We have a need and desire to be close to people, however we also want to be independent. Meanwhile, we avoid situations that remind us of our past negative experiences while simultaneously we end up attracting similar situations, in order to clear and heal from them and become free.

When there is love present, it brings up anything unlike itself for the purpose of healing. This is why when we are with someone we love and are attracted to, it can sometimes bring up old resentments that we have not healed from yet, which leads to inner conflict and often arguments. I offer some practical advice on how to receive a lot more pleasure than you are currently experiencing, along with exercises to help you uncover your hidden beliefs around sex.

Once you have identified the patterns you have around sex and intimacy, you can choose to keep them if they are serving you, or release and replace them with positive affirmations. I share exercises in self-love that can help you open yourself up to an entirely new level of intimacy with yourself and others.