Prosperity Through Emotional Healing: How to Have Love and Money at the Same Time

Is it possible to have love and money at the same time? Can we have both and can we keep them both? Buckminster Fuller says you can never change things by fighting the existing reality. In order to create change you need to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. In this episode I help you uncover your hidden fears around success and failure and discover your subconscious beliefs around money. I help you understand the link between emotion and prosperity and redefine what net worth really is.

No matter where you are or what your experience has been so far, don’t give up. There was a time when I was bankrupt, all I had to my name was a car with one headlight and one door that didn’t work. I was divorced and a single mom to a 2 year old son. I was teaching at that time and felt like an imposter. Now I have millions in assets, I travel and teach all around the world, I’ve built a school in Africa, I’ve taught across 6 continents, I have a husband of 25 years and my son has grown up to lead a successful and happy life of his own. I share this not to boast, but to illustrate that the reason I went through all that was to learn the things I am sharing with you today, and to demonstrate that they work and have worked for thousands of people.

The pathway to peace and prosperity is through self love, loving others, and allowing the universe to provide for you and to connect. What are you worth? Wealthy can mean a lot of different things. Net worth however, is your network. You have access to so many people and resources that you don’t even think about. Maybe you aren’t able to recognize or receive value from your network because you don’t believe you’re worthy, or deserving, or enough. Let go of that resistance, so that you don’t have to let go of your desire and just settle.

Using my “bubble talk” illustration I demonstrate how our subconscious beliefs can impact what we see in our lives, and discuss how we can address those believes and change them to better serve our intentions. In this episode we will walk through an exercise to reveal your blocks around money and success, and uncover any hidden fear of failure that may be preventing you from taking the next step forward. Remember that for things to change, first we must change.

These are just some of the tools I use in my playshops. If you want to take it to the next level and are ready to take a leap, join our next Essence of Being workshop and break through the blocks that are keeping you stuck and claim the life you were born to live!