Love and Grief

Navigating the intertwined journey of love and grief illuminates the profound emotional spectrum inherent in the human experience. Love, with its boundless capacity for joy, connection, and fulfillment, often intertwines with grief, the poignant expression of loss, longing, and sorrow. This complex interplay underscores the depth of our relationships and the inevitable transitions we face…

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Self Love Meditation

Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. In this meditation, I guide you through focusing your attention inward and eliminating the negative thoughts that may be affecting your ability to accept yourself fully in order to reach a place of peace and love. 

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Prosperity Through Emotional Healing: How to Have Love and Money at the Same Time

Is it possible to have love and money at the same time? Can we have both and can we keep them both? Buckminster Fuller says you can never change things by fighting the existing reality. In order to create change you need to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. In this…

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How to Stay Positive in a Chaotic World

We all experience chaos and trauma. Maybe you are experiencing lack of clarity on your purpose, maybe you got fired, or a relationship ended, or you are experiencing the death of a loved one. Such experiences can amplify the feelings of chaos or uncertainty we are experiencing within ourselves. This can give rise to a…

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Conscious Relationships

A conscious relationship means an authentic relationship. What I have found in my 30+ years of teaching across 6 continents is that everyone wants the same thing – to know that they make a difference, that they are loved, that they are safe, and that they matter. Being authentic really is all about understanding your…

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Self Love… An Intimate Ritual

Self Love Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

We often block ourselves from self-love. Maybe you feel guilt or beat yourself up. Maybe you call yourself names, or say you shoulda, woulda, coulda. Many of us have been conditioned to do all of the above. And when we do these things we attract punishment into our lives. We don’t allow self appreciation or…

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Love and Unity

Unity Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

What is love? And what is unity? When you think about love, does your mind go to warm, fuzzy feelings in your belly? Do you blush? Or think incessantly about the object of your affection? That’s not love. When you think about unity, do you imagine people coming together to compromise and come to an…

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Discovering Subconscious Beliefs Around Race and Prejudices


There are inherent fears that permeate our consciousness, about people who aren’t like us, around race and prejudices. Many of our subconscious thoughts about race stem from experiences we had as young people, as well as from the things we were taught by our families, teachers, religions, cultures and friends. If you have not explored…

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Love Versus Fear


When we look at Love Versus Fear, we see two separate thought systems. At any given moment, you are in a Love Thought System or a Fear Thought System…and you can choose to shift from one to the other at any given moment. You have two types of fear to choose from, but THREE types…

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Authentic Relationships


The first step to having authentic relationships with others is having an authentic relationship with yourself. In relationships, R.E.A.L. means Realizing Energy is Accountable to Love. This podcast begins with 18 affirmations (little lies you tell yourself until they become true) for creating an authentic relationship with self. Next, I will talk about your relationship…

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