Lessons from my Dog


As many of you know, I had to say goodbye to my beloved dog Merlin last month.  For fourteen years, Merlin was my familiar, my confidant and continues to live deeply in my heart.  As we wrap up our relationship module in the Conscious Leadership Academy, I realized that there are many lessons we can…

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Are You Relationship Material?

relationship material couple kissing in street with heart balloons

Are you relationship material? Are you a “catch?” And are you ready to find and to be “the one”? There is a fairly simple way to find out, and it begins with paying attention to why you say, “I love you” to someone you care for. What do you expect to get from sharing those…

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The Wet Truth Process

the wet truth process and water

When you pronounce the word Intimacy like “In To Me See,” you can begin to have a better understanding of what it really means. We often equate intimacy with sex, when in fact, they can exist separately from each other. Intimacy means opening our hearts to each other, so “into each other we can see,”…

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Love and Grief: How do we deal with it?

Listen to our podcast on Love and Grief. How do you love someone or something so much and say goodbye? The depths of our sorrow is equal to the heights of our joy. 

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A New Kind of Love Triangle


In this season of love, a love triangle might be the last thing on your mind…but this is a new kind of love triangle. Do you find yourself hoping for a more loving, fulfilling relationship? Do you get your hopes up for fun days and romantic evenings, only to fall into old patterns and fight…

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Sex and Essence of Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy

Listen to our podcast on SEX AND ESSENCE OF INTIMACY! When you open up and allow another person into your space, that intimacy will transform your relationship. A variety of fears and long-held beliefs can keep us from fully opening up to others. Those things that need healing inside us will come up in loving…

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Gratitude and Self Love

girl looking in the mirror with gratitude and self love

You can create gratitude and radiate self love by starting with one little step. You can appreciate just one thing about yourself. And from there, love will permeate every part of your body, mind, heart and spirit. When you were little, you may have been led to believe things about yourself by your parents, family…

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Love the One You’re With! Embracing Self-Love!

Self Love, Woman Looking in Mirror

Listen to our podcast on LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH! EMBRACING SELF LOVE! Self-love is a prerequisite to receiving love from others, and you can start by learning to love the one you’re with…YOU. We all have judgments about ourselves, and some of them are negative, keeping us from self-love. Those judgments seem real, but…

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Orbiting In Love

Orbiting in Love

Listen to our podcast on ORBITING IN LOVE! If you rely on another person to fill your void, to complete you or to make you feel loved, then there’s too much pressure placed on that person. Not only will you struggle to attract complete people to you, you may have difficulty making relationships work. The…

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Sex and Intimacy

intimacy holding hands

This FREE Power Hour is all about Sex and Intimacy — how you can enrich your relationships by saying, “Look into me. See me. I’m not going to hide.” Intimacy really means “In to me see,” and when you allow another person into you, you can share a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Sometimes, a fear of…

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