The Power of Words: How They Create Hate or Hope

More than ever, our world needs conscious leaders who are effective communicators.  Leaders who speak their truth with empathy and compassion.  In this month’s podcast, we will help you identify your subconscious beliefs around your own communication skills so that you are heard and can continue to be the beacon of light the world needs.

In this episode, I’ll guide you through a stream of consciousness writing exercise that will unveil your beliefs about communication.  This is a powerful exercise that can “crack the code” and help you to begin to communicate your truth with compassion and empathy.  Then, learn what true communication is and how to speak your truth so that you are heard.

There is a lot of chaos in the world today; a hurricane of hatred, war and division within the storm of a global pandemic.  It can feel overwhelming, but there is a silver lining.  I believe that our collective heart chakra has been blasted open.  It means we are more vulnerable as a planet and society, but it also makes us more receptive.  It seems incongruent, but often, it takes a devastating event to reflect back to us what we need to evolve.  As beacons of light, we can stay in the calm of the eye of the storm where we can observe the chaos swirling around us, but hold the container for peace and love. 

When we focus on compassion and empathy, we, as conscious leaders have the opportunity to become the staff of the umbrella that covers the “reign” of terror with the umbrella of safety.

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