A 7 week on line course that keeps you engaged in the principles you learned at the Essence Workshops. These are 1 hour webinars and tele-seminars with interactive games and exercises that help keep you on track each week.

Topics for each week are:

  • Week 1 – Sex

Learn what your belief systems are and if they are serving you with your own sensual pleasures and feeling safe with intimacy

  • Week 2 – Money

Create a blueprint for your abundance and worthiness with actual tools to create wealth.

  • Week 3 – Forgiveness

Experience “going before” and honoring yourself, and others and letting go of the past to create a different future.

  • Week 4 – Communication - Speaking your Truth

You will get tools to have compassion with yourself and others and learn communication techniques for better relationships.

  • Week 5 – Relationships

How to love yourself and others and create more harmonious relationships.

  • Week 6 – Trust

Learn how to trust yourself again and attract trustworthy people in your life.

  • Bonus Class: Goals

Even though the goal (or outcome) is not necessarily the end all, it keeps you moving in the right directions. We will help you keep accountable for your goals you want to focus on for a more fulfilled life.

"EOB has been a life altering experience. Having attended all classes, even repeating many, lots of time because I am slow to process information (which is ok because that is who I am) I have completely changed my life from a successful."

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Presented By:

Burge Smith-Lyons
Founder of Essence Of Being