Passionate + Mastery + Coaching

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Two Amazing Workshops PLUS Coaching

So YOU can continue your journey with ease and grace

  • Master your connection with your inner guidance

  • Open up further to your Spirit and Higher Self

  • Ignite your Inner-Fire!

  • Gain more clarity on your Vision

  • Learn to “bend the rules”

  • Master your fears

  • Experience instant manifestation

  • Live in your vision emotionally until it becomes real

  • Forgiveness/Releasing resistance from past/limiting belief systems

  • Open up a vortex of receiving

  • Group Rebirth

  • Conscious Dance

Passionate and Mastery

Two Great Workshops

What Other People Are Saying

Games Played During the Workshop

Passionate Manifestation

  • Unleash to passion within
  • Experience instant manifestation
  • Live your vision emotionally so it becomes real
  • Conscious Dance
  • Group Rebirth
  • Forgive/Release resistance from past/limiting beliefs
  • Deeper level of the healing forest


  • Fire Walks
  • Nature Walks
  • Ropes Course
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Group Rebirth
  • Kundalini Dance
  • Metal Bending
  • Glass Walk

Your Three key Benefits Here

  • Finding and unleashing the passion within us

    3 day Passionate Manifestation Graduate Course.We give you a real life experience of trusting the universe & manifesting exactly what your thoughts create.  We also assist you in finding your inner voice & passions in order to create profound results in every aspect of living.  We give you an opportunity to understand and experience forgiveness both of yourself and of others.  We also assist you in receiving all the gifts that you truly deserve.

  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions + 3 Emergency Sessions

    Integrate the passion you unleashed during the class as well as keep you on track and focused on manifesting your highest good. The coaching is three sessions/month for three months.

  • 5 days of magical breakthroughs that occur in many forms.

    Break free of the fears that you currently hold and to get in tune with your vibrations so that you can become masters of our own reality.

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