Essence of Trust

Trust can be shaky. How many of us have been hurt, betrayed, or made bad decisions? Bad past experiences can affect our willingness to trust again.

The Webster definition of trust is “the firm belief in the reliability, the truth, the ability or strength of someone or something.” There are three levels of trust that I will be discussing in this episode: trusting yourself, trusting others, and trusting the universe.

What does trusting yourself feel like? Do you get that clarity based on feeling or thinking? We will delve into kinesiology and stream of consciousness exercises that you can use to help gain clarity when you are experiencing fear to determine if that fear is based on past experiences or if it is your intuition telling you something is not right for you.

Trusting someone else is choosing to make something that is important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else. Thinking about your first experience of someone else breaking your trust, and going through the process of forgiving them for breaking that promise or lying to you, can open the door to trusting yourself to know the difference in the future and reclaiming that power for yourself. When you are looking to repair a relationship that has broken trust, whether you are the one who broke the trust or the other person is, one of the best ways to heal that broken trust is to make small agreements and keep them.

When it comes to trusting the universe, you cannot go wrong when choosing the highest and best for all concerned at all times. I will provide you with a “universe to-do list” exercise that will help you set your intentions and actions, while also trusting the universe and turning all your uncertainty over to it. As I teach in all my Essence of Being workshops, “trust and allow and don’t ask how.”

Choose to trust today by setting intentions to attract trustworthy people, trusting your inner knowing or your intuition, and trusting the universal divine spirit to bring to you the perfect person or lesson.

These are just some of the tools I use in my playshops. If you want to take it to the next level and are ready to take a leap, join us in McAllen, Texas February 11-12, 2023, and break through the blocks that are keeping you stuck and claim the life you were born to live!