Expanding the Healing Forest by
Tending Our Garden of Children

“When Kids connect with hatred and violence it is very bad, but when kids connect with love and success, they will have a happy life.”

Dustin, Age 11

What I learned at kids camp was...How to let go of your anger. Another thing I learned that things don't happen on accidents. They happen for a reason.

- Bryanne age 11

7 Day Power Camp


Girls and Boys from 6-17 years of age whose parents are in The Healing Forest

Program Overview:

Kidz Power Kamp is a 7-day residential multi-experiential learning camp with activities designed to access all our campers’ diverse learning styles. Instruction will be in more than fifteen areas including arts & crafts, drama, dance, basketball, volleyball, creative cooking, hiking, animal husbandry, ropes course, role-playing, gardening, and more. Campers will develop a positive sense of self-identity, self-expression, concern for others and connection to Source, among other skills. Camp is held in The North Georgia Mountains. Our facility is surrounded on all sides by national forest land and provides us with a pristinely beautiful area in which to learn and play together.

What to Bring:

Campers’ clothing should be sturdy and practical. Weather in the North Georgia Mountains is unpredictable with a definite chance of rain and cold; therefore, campers should bring both rain and cold weather gear. Daytime temperatures range from 65°-75° during the summer. Shoes should be sturdy enough for mountain hiking. Sleeping bags and pillows are also necessary. Please see detailed list attached.

Opening Day & Parents Days:

Opening Day (Sunday) is considered the day for parents to meet our staff and enjoy the facility while dropping off their camper at 6PM. Parents of younger children who are interested in staying at Forrest Hills Retreat Center during the week may do so by contacting 4 Forrest Hills Retreat Center directly. Parents Days begin on Saturday at 1PM and end at close of camp on Sunday. During this time, Parents will attend seminars detailing the activities that their child(ren) have participated in and will be joined with their child during activities designed to facilitate increased communication, cooperation and personal responsibility. We greatly appreciate the support of parents during this camp experience.

Health Certificate & Waivers:

Included with this package are a health certificate that must be signed by a physician within 12 months of the camper’s arrival at camp. PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MEDICAL EXPENSES INCURRED DURING CAMP. Also included are a number of waivers that are required by Four Winds Peace Center and our adjunct facilitators. Please sign and return these forms along with your registration materials. Campers will not be allowed to participate in activities without signed waivers.


Airline connections can be made to Atlanta Airport on opening and closing days. Transportation will be provided to and from Atlanta airport by the camp.

Food & Lodging:

Campers are assigned to bunkhouse cabins according to gender and age. We request that all campers bring any linen that they may require for the week. We will try to accommodate roommate requests, but cannot guarantee placement in any particular bunkhouse. Meals and snacks at camp will be healthful, hearty, and abundant. We will accommodate any special dietary needs IF WE ARE MADE AWARE OF THEM WITH YOUR REGISTRATION FORM. Vegetarian and vegan meal requests are always honored.


We ask that you not have your child telephone you during camp. Telephones will not be made available to the campers. In order to ensure the integrity of the camp experience we would appreciate parental input only when you arrive to join in the parental component of camp.


There is no reduction in fees for late arrivals or early withdrawals, including homesickness. Only in case of early withdrawal due to serious illness will a refund be considered. Campers should arrive no later than 6 pm on opening day and should depart no later than noon on closing day. A $100 reservation fee for each child is required with the application. Checks should be made out to Healing Forest Foundation. In case of cancellation $50 of the reservation fee will be refunded upon written notification prior to 60 days. The tuition for each session includes all living expenses, health services, supplies and materials, meals and daily snacks.

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If you want something really bad, you need to focus on it. You will get it.

- Mitchell age 7
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Girls and Boys from 6-17 years of age whose parents are in The Healing Forest

The weekend will be designed to help Kidz become aware of their unique gifts and abilities and to help them feel safe in expressing who they really are. Through games and interactions we will increase their self-esteem and provide tools for coping with their day-to-day lives.  Through the processes we will help them find their inner voices, stand in their power and believe in themselves. Culminating with a beautiful parent/guardian/mentor & child connection on Sunday.

For Girls & Boys Ages 6-17 years

SATURDAY  — Registration 9 – 10am
PlayShop — 10am – 7pm
SUNDAY  — 9am – 12noon with Kidz
& 1pm – 6pm with Kidz & Parent(s)/Guardian


Kids Power Camp changed a lot for me. It changed the way I view life. All my fears were overcome and I learned how to talk to people in a patient calm way. I learned that everything is for a purpose and that I was made for a purpose. Life is worth living and we all deserve the best friends ever. I felt I could be myself for the first time ever.

- Amanda age 13

Among the Topics & Games will be:

  • Positive sense of self-identity
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Music & Dance
  • Expanding Creativity & Self-Expression
  • Trust Exercises
  • Spoon Bending
  • Power of Intentional Thinking
  • Confidence Builders
  • Non-Competitive Games
  • Role Playing
  • Meditation
  • Left Brain/Right Brain
  • Super Learning Techniques
  • Playing with Energy

…and much much more, all designed to access the Kidz diverse learning styles.

Partnering with the amazing Burge Smith Lyons whose wide range of modalities and techniques and over 35 years of experience as an Educator & Facilitator, has transformed thousands of lives.

The Investment for the playshop is $350.00 ($50.00 discount for 2nd child in Family)

* Due to the age group we will be limiting the enrollment to 27 kidz.

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I know I am unique and I can make friends easily."

- Dustin age 12

I was able to talk to my mom for the first time and speak my truth. It was the first time I made her cry just by talking to her and telling her how much I appreciated her.

- Jared age 16

"What did you do to my child (age 12)? He is more assertive and self assured than ever before! I can tell a big difference in his confidence."

- Lynn White, Atlanta, Ga.

The Child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.”

Pablo Casais