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As Seen On: Toro, Target, Georgia-Pacific, Women Speakers Association, Hayhouse Radio, Women’s Prosperity Network, Women Network, Conscious Life Journal, Blog Talk Radio, and NBC.
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Creating Wealth

A 4 video series sharing tools on how to create wealth.
The first 2 videos are introductions and the last 2 are instructional. Enjoy!

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"It’s undeniable. It’s indescribable. This workshop transformed my outlook on my life’s vision. Thank You!"

- LeGrande G, Four time Emmy winning producer with the Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Essence of Being Podcasts

This podcast is full of tools and inspirational messages that will help you explore how to create and manifest what you want through your core belief systems. You will learn to embrace all aspects of your natural abundance such as self love, life passion, financial satisfaction, and your ability to grow healthy relationships at home, in business and within your community.

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Learn More about Essence of Abundance

Essence of Abundance

This 1 Day Course helps you to see your blocks around obtaining prosperity & abundance and gives you the tools to shift your beliefs around money.

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Learn More about Essence of Relationships

Essence of Relationships

A 1 day exploration of your belief systems around relationships with family, self, God, or romance and intimacy. Learn how to have compassion and empathy with your relationships and attract more of what you want.

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Learn More about Essence of Communication

Essence of Communication

This 1 Day Course helps you identify your communication style as well as any blocks you might have in receiving communication.

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Learn More about Essence of Leadership

Essence of Leadership

This 1 Day Course will support increased cooperation and synergy, greater productivity, more empathetic communications, bolder and more courageous decisions, a better understanding of emotional intelligence and improved morale.

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Learn More about Higher Vibes

Higher Vibes

This 2½ day event will create a safe, sacred space for you to gain clarity about your Higher-Self and explore your connection to Source.

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Learn More about Empowerment Series

Empowerment Series

A 7 week online class to engage your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels, along with many other webinars and tele-seminars.

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Learn More about Kidz Workshops

Kidz Workshops

The weekend will be designed to help Kidz become aware of their unique gifts and abilities and to help them feel safe in expressing who they really are.

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Learn More about Essence of Teaching

Essence of Teaching

A 2½ day experiential workshop specifically designed and customized for the Target school.

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Learn More about Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Get trained to teach Essence of Being Courses worldwide (Fast Track available for professional coaches, therapists, and counselors).

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