How to Stay Positive in a Chaotic World

We all experience chaos and trauma. Maybe you are experiencing lack of clarity on your purpose, maybe you got fired, or a relationship ended, or you are experiencing the death of a loved one. Such experiences can amplify the feelings of chaos or uncertainty we are experiencing within ourselves. This can give rise to a stronger fear of the unknown, and an unwillingness to take risks. During such times it’s important to keep in perspective that fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real, or Forgetting Everything is All Right. In such moments, you have two choices; the love thought system or the fear thought system. If we don’t know how to “fix it” or choose differently, especially with all the polarization going on everywhere in the world, it can be very overwhelming.

Fear can trigger our autonomic reaction of freeze, flight or fight in the reptilian brain. Many times we allow ourselves to remain stuck when we should be taking action to shake ourselves out of that autonomic reaction through emotional release. Life can sometimes be like a hurricane and cloud our perception of things, and make it hard to make a decision or take action when that is what is needed most. By using the idea of an eye of the storm, we can center ourselves in the “I” of the storm and find the peace and wholeness within ourselves to focus on amid the turmoil and chaos all around us.

Clarity leads to the power to choose, to create, to come into our own sense of “all is well”. All the chaos in the world right now can look like breakdown, but we can choose to view it as the lead up to a break through instead. The hurricane brings strangers together to help each other. In the face of tragedy, we are able to recognize our oneness. This can be the gift the storm brings. Anything tragic we can choose to see through the filter of love.

I encourage all of us to believe we are safe, loved, and wanted, for who we are. Breathe in all the light and love, and choose to view the current chaos as perturbation for something bigger and different than we are experiencing right now. In this episode, I provide tools and guide you through a meditation to help center your focus on love and possibility amidst all the chaos.