Discovering Subconscious Beliefs Around Race and Prejudices


There are inherent fears that permeate our consciousness, about people who aren’t like us, around race and prejudices. Many of our subconscious thoughts about race stem from experiences we had as young people, as well as from the things we were taught by our families, teachers, religions, cultures and friends.

If you have not explored your subconscious beliefs around race, now is the time. So many things lie beneath our awareness, simply because they haven’t been talked about.

An Exercise in Race and Prejudices

In this podcast, I am taking listeners through an exercise to unearth deeply seeded beliefs about race and prejudices. The exercise is not intended to place blame…you don’t even have to share your results. It’s simply about discovering what you’ve been taught, and how that might be causing you to exist in a Fear Thought System.

Just a few fill-in-the-blank items, and in a matter of minutes, you could be having a big ah-ha moment. It might be big enough to send you into a Love Thought System.

Moving Forward as a Conscious Leader

I encourage you to reach out and offer peace and empathy. Turn on the compassion for yourself and others. Uncover any prejudices you might have, and ask yourself if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to break free.

I believe these times are meant to be an awakening. There’s a culmination of anxiety and fear, and it pains me to know we have to sink to lows in humanness to make us aware of what’s precious: our lives and compassion.

So get out of your comfort zone, in order to grow. My purpose is to support you. I want to help you tell your truth, show up, and actively listen to other people to resolve conflicts. All upsets are opportunities to know the truth.

Sometimes being vulnerable scares people, but there is safety in telling your truth and living with integrity and consciousness. That’s what it takes to be a conscious leader, who will make a difference. You can be fully aware of any subconscious beliefs around race and prejudice, find new evidence, and then move forward consciously, with empathy and compassion.

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