Self Love… An Intimate Ritual

Self Love Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

We often block ourselves from self-love. Maybe you feel guilt or beat yourself up. Maybe you call yourself names, or say you shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Many of us have been conditioned to do all of the above. And when we do these things we attract punishment into our lives. We don’t allow self appreciation or the self love that’s so important to our being.

I invite you to join me in this one-hour Power Hour podcast, where you’ll learn how to appreciate — then love — yourself with some simple exercises designed to open those oh-so-important channels.

Self Appreciation to Self Love

When you appreciate something, in accordance with the Law of Appreciation, you consciously gather and send it toward something. You can appreciate your spouse, your children, your mother’s cooking…but you can also send that appreciation to parts of yourself. Then it’s self appreciation.

Love, on the other hand, just IS. It’s a beingness. There is no effort. It’s just something that exists inside of you. And when your love is directed toward you, that is self love.

The first exercise in the podcast is all about learning to appreciate yourself. Just to give you an idea, you can start by saying things like, “I can smell that pie baking,” “I can walk to get the mail,” “I have the skills and the memory to drive myself to the store,” or, “I can see the trees blooming outside my window.”

There should never be an instance when you cannot find something to appreciate about your body or your mind. And that’s how self love starts.

Self Love Instead of Self Doubt

If you find yourself sinking into self judgment or self doubt, there’s something in your subconscious that’s driving those beliefs. Most of us don’t consciously choose to judge ourselves or say, “I’m going to screw up today.” Instead, it comes from old voices from the past — things we were told or things we believed that people thought about us.

But these are just beliefs. In order to foster self love, we have to find new evidence. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this podcast.

You’re going to get back to the idea that you are innocent and perfect. Can’t even imagine that? Well, that’s exactly why you must listen.

With Self Love, you can Make a Difference

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your family? In your business or your community? How about in the world?

All of these things are possible, when you start with self love. There are three categories of love, and self love is the first (the other two are love of others and love of your higher power).

So let’s start where all good things take root — at the beginning. Listen to this podcast, and be sure to register for the next one, What is My Purpose? Then, visit to learn more about the Conscious Leadership Academy. It’s where courageous, conscious people are learning to stand up, stand out, create win/win situations and make differences in the world.