Love Versus Fear


When we look at Love Versus Fear, we see two separate thought systems. At any given moment, you are in a Love Thought System or a Fear Thought System…and you can choose to shift from one to the other at any given moment.

You have two types of fear to choose from, but THREE types of love to engage in.

What will it be?

Physiological Responses of Two Different States of Mind

Being afraid and being in love can feel the same. You start to sweat. Your heart rate increases. Your blood pressure goes up. You can’t sleep.

But there is a fundamental difference, and it’s important to understand that Fear is a Feeling, and is ego-based. We should be thinking of F.E.A.R. as False Evidence Appearing Real, or Forgetting Everything is All Right.

Love, on the other hand, is value-based and comes from your higher self, not your ego.

Love Conquers Anxiety and Fear

Even if you’re experiencing anxiety and fear, you can adopt a new perspective about what’s happening. You can focus on harmony, and find abundance anywhere.

You can rise above fear and look down on the world, see the beauty, focus on what is working and what that connection means to all of us. Then that veil of fear can be pulled aside.

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