United We Fly, Divided We Cry

United We Fly Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

Many of us are talking about the events that occurred at the Capitol in Washington D.C. and we’re asking, “How did that happen?”

Many questions continue to come up and upset is resulting from all different points of view. As I ponder our beginnings as the UNITED States and watch all of this unfold, I am certain that we’ve lost our sense of connection, as well as our understanding that we are ALL ONE PEOPLE.

No Unity with Duality

Duality is the opposite of unity. The duality of Republican and Democrat, people of color and white, men and women, the haves and the have-nots, physical and non-physical…all seem separate from one another at this time. I feel the way toward unity is realizing that humanity is on a trajectory of readjustment before the awakening of God Consciousness.

United We Fly Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

All these differences have been exacerbated by the pandemic, isolation and fear. Out of the darkness comes the light—but which one are you focusing on? The light or the darkness?

There is a period as you cross through a boundary of black and move toward white (and vice versa) where there is gray—a combination of both. It can be uncomfortable and scary because we don’t sense the normal color and dark/light divisions we are accustomed to.

This is the process of perturbation and is often necessary for true growth. This concept comes from the theory of dissipative structures. The caterpillar turns into the butterfly. The acorn turns into the oak. Boiling water turns into steam—and the dancing of the water in the pan is the perturbation before the new, more complex, form is created.

Hold Your Shape as a Lightworker and Conscious Leader

It’s up to us as lightworkers to demonstrate holding our shape of higher consciousness. We must also observe the discomfort of others from a distance, as they move in and out of their own comfort zones.

I’m asking all of us to rise above the pain, fear and having to be right in order to create a new gray normal. WE are divine masculine and feminine together. WE are moving into a new humanity, Earth and integrated consciousness.

If you feel helpless, alone, confused or deeply troubled by the actions of others, please practice the Pinch & Shift method. This will help you to Trust, Allow and Don’t Ask How. When you experience those feelings, interrupt the pattern and shift your focus by pinching yourself.

“United We Fly” Means You Have a Choice

You have control over your thoughts, beliefs and actions and can fly with a vibration of uniting. Or, you can stay stuck in painful division and fear. The choice is yours.

Let us fly and reach new heights of wonder and awe together.

All it takes is one small action, one simple example. The peace that results can attract even the most polarized hearts and minds.

No excuses. Let’s take responsibility and start right now. The world needs lightworkers and conscious leaders today more than ever. Are you ready to lead yourself and others into the gray area, where there’s less crying, more unity and the ability for all of us to fly? Then you have what it takes to be a conscious leader—and you will develop all the skills you’ll need in the Conscious Leadership Academy. Join us, to create a purposeful life, unlimited win/win situations and to make a difference in this world!