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Join us with the year-long leadership empowerment program and be a part of the global movement of conscious leaders empowering others to create a win/win world.

Stand Up, Show Up , Play Big! Whether you are a leader of one or thousands, it's time to release playing small, join us and embody the superhero world-changer you know you are. Demonstrate courage, integrity, contribution, and create a purposeful life and make a BIGGER difference!

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Membership Includes

To experience all of the components that make up a conscious leader in this year
long program, all of the live workshops (all 1 Days and a 3 Day) are key for your optimum learning and success. Workshops are included with your Membership.

One-Day Workshops

Participate in 4 One-Day experiential live workshops. Choose one of the links below to jump to see dates for 2019.

  1. Essence of Abundance
  2. Essence of Relationships
  3. Essence of Communication
  4. Essence of Leadership

Can't make it to a live event? We've got you covered. They'll be LiveStreamed and available in the Academy Archives as recordings.

Three-Day Workshop

The highly acclaimed flagship experiential live workshop: Essence of Being
Taught to thousands on 4 continents since 1993.

As an Essence of Being Graduate, you are welcome to any of the Three-Day Workshops to receive, staff, or take it again as you wish.

Online Resources, Monthly Live Webinars, Leadership Groups

Themed modules delivered weekly include: online classes, developmental tools, play sheets, videos & audio. Monthly live webinars. VIP access to archives. Leadership Groups structured for success/integration/support.

Also includes:
2 one-hour individual coaching calls after the Essence of Being 3-Day Workshop (for EOB non-grads), exclusive membership networking group, 10% off all other services or workshops or products.

Exclusive VIP Discounted Guest Tickets for all One-Day Workshops. Bring your friends, family, and business partners to experience these transformational events with you to have your own support at home and in business. Your friends and family will save $50 off the regular ticket price.

Bonus Module

The Essence of Success bonus module includes tools and contribution projects to expand the empowerment of others to create the win/win world as conscious leaders. As part of the Academy, you will be creating an impact with others to create success on your own terms and have actions steps to your greatness! This module takes place after the 4 modules and will be focusing on success and taking action the last part of the year long learning.

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In-person Live Events and Course Topics

The year-long leadership program consists of 4 major course topics that are enhanced by several face-to-face, in-person live events in Atlanta, GA.

Can't make it to a live event? We've got you covered. They'll be LiveStreamed and available in the Academy Archives as recordings.

  • Dates of Workshops

Saturday, February 16th 2019
Saturday, November 2nd 2019

This One Day Workshop helps you to see your blocks around obtaining prosperity & abundance & gives you the tools to shift your beliefs around money. Through games, processes, & group participation, we help you see patterns you may have developed for staying in scarcity & support you in increasing your wealth consciousness.

Julie's Testimony of
Essence of Abundance

  • The best part was getting in touch with everything I don't know and need to know to stop groping around in the dark on my finances. I got clear about the radical importance of stepping away from the brainwashing that has made me feel so incompetent and trapped. I felt so powerful when I left.
    Cathy - Atlanta, Ga Essence of Abundance

  • Dates of Workshops

Saturday, April 20th 2019
Sunday, November 3rd 2019

Learn how to trust and how to escape the cycle of drama. Create more respect for yourself. Connect on levels that provide true intimacy. Learn communication techniques of telling your truth with compassion. And more!

Lessons on Relationships

  • Learned a lot about myself and how I am wired. I learned about my triggers and how I operate. It has made me more mindful in the way I approach things. It has strengthened my relationships all around.
    Telsys - Miami, Fl Essence of Relationships
  • Dates of Workshops

Saturday, June 22nd 2019
Saturday, December 7th 2019

You will get tools to have compassion with yourself and others and learn communication techniques for better relationships at home and in business. Learn to understand your communication styles and have empathy for others while having your voice heard.

Ashley's Testimony of
Essence of Communication

  • How My Life Was Transformed Immediately changes began taking place in my relationships with myself and with others. I now dare to express my true beliefs and stand up for myself. I feel much more in touch with who I really am and able to express myself freely and feel heard. I have more courage to risk being my true self. My Mom always said, 'Just be yourself'. At last I feel free to do just that. I’ve gained a much greater sense of self-acceptance and love.
    Chris - NY Essence of Communication
  • Dates of Workshops

Experience abundant opportunities for enhanced communications within teams, family, and self. This promotes an enhancement of your leadership qualities.

The result will be smoother relations, increased cooperation and synergy, greater productivity, more empathetic communications, bolder and more courageous decisions, a better understanding of emotional intelligence and improved morale.

Charmaine's Testimony of
Essence of Leadership

  • Essence of Courageous Leadership was one of the most fun and memorable workshops I have ever attended. It gave me new views and beliefs around business and allowed me to be open to receive more of what I wanted from all possibilities. Just a couple of weeks after the training, I received a promotion and increased my sales by 50%!
    Amanda, Sr. Account Manager Essence of Courageous Leadership
  • Dates of 3 Day Workshops

Friday, March 8th - 10th 2019
Friday, May 10th - 12th 2019

Friday, July 19th - 21st 2019
Friday, September 27th - 29th 2019

Through this 3-Day experiential weekend journey into self, you will become skilled at attracting success on your own terms by adopting a more powerful, yet peaceful way of being, while releasing blocks that no longer serve you.

Trish's Testimony of
Essence of Being


  • Date of Gala

Saturday, December 14th 2019

Join us for the celebration of our Academy Members' Graduation and Awards! We will be graduating the Members who have completed the Conscious Leadership Academy program. The event is open to all Academy Members (whether you're graduating or not) & their families and friends.

Finally, your destiny fulfilled! Join US!

Conscious Leadership in Africa

For a taste of our online Academy courses, click the button below for a free preview of our Abundance Course.

Free Abundance Course

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