Men are Dogs and the Woman is Always Right

men are dogs

Men are Dogs? Really?

Stick with me here…

If you’ve ever wondered why men and women have trouble communicating…

Or if you’ve wondered why you have so much trouble getting what you want from a relationship…

Of if you’ve ever wondered what causes you to fall out of love…

Then it can help to gain a better understanding of the synergistic differences between the male and the female parts of the brain.

We all have expectations and beliefs around roles in relationships. For many of us, male and female lines have been blurred. For others, we haven’t yet been exposed to the idea that we all have male and female sides.

When we learn this, and put it all together, we can more easily orbit in love, instead of falling in love…and out of love.

Why we Say Men are Dogs

Dogs are wonderful, right? My own Merlin, who has passed, was a healer. For those of you who knew him, you understand how very important he was to me.

Dogs and men (as well as the male aspect of women’s brains) have a lot in common. In the moment, and in their natural habitats, they act very similarly to one another. They are driven by many of the same things, and when we all learn to channel our inner dogs, we can experience more satisfaction in all kinds of relationships.

In this podcast, I will be exploring not only the things dogs can teach us about getting in touch with and expressing our males sides, but also why the female parts of our brains are always right.

Not quite what you expected? Well, it never really is, right?

Join me for the relationship-altering, life-changing wisdom contained within this podcast, to learn about the metaphors Men Are Dogs and The Woman is Always Right, and then move forward with an upcoming Essence of Relationships One-Day Event, for the full Orbiting in Love experience.