The Election: Create Harmony and Have a Voice

the election

The upcoming election will not be the first or the last time that angst is felt in our families, our communities, our country and our world. Many of us are struggling with how to have a voice and express our truths, while still creating good will and harmony.

In times such as these, it can seem like everything is either black or white, right or wrong, Democrat or Republican…like compromise is nearly impossible. But we don’t have to compromise. We can listen and have empathy for others’ opinions.

You should feel free to tell your own truth with compassion, and be heard. You can do it without giving up your beliefs, and while creating political synergy. That means you can have your view, another person can have theirs, and the two views will create an entirely different, third, point of view. No one has to agree to something they can’t swallow. No one has to be right, and no one wins or loses.

It’s a consensus. It’s the agreement to disagree. Everyone supports the decision, even if they’re not in complete agreement.

This is what we’re looking at. And this is how we can move forward — even after this election — in harmony.

A Different Political Viewpoint

In this podcast, I’m going to ask you two very important questions. A) What’s the worst thing that can happen after the election? B) What’s the best thing that can happen after the election?

But our work won’t end with simply answering those questions. We’re going to do some experiential digging. We’re going to feel into your answers and help you to see just how attainable harmony can be.

I will not ask you to compromise your beliefs or opinions. I will not encourage you to try to bring others over to your way of thinking. I’m simply going to teach you how to take responsibility for effective communication — to set the bar, to set an example, and to be a conscious leader who fosters synergy, now and in the future.

The Election, as a Learning Tool

This presidential election is the perfect time to hone your communication and relationship skills. It’s a great time to learn to tell your truth with compassion and to model that for others.

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