Political Synergy: Wisdom for Now and Later


Many of us have never seen the country, or the world, so divided. As we move closer to the U.S. presidential election, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to accept the outcome. You may also be questioning how others will cope if your candidate wins. Or, more realistically, perhaps you’re wondering—no matter who wins—if we’ll ever get back to civility.

The answer to all of these concerns is Political Synergy. In the United States, we have historically embraced differing political views because they act as checks-and-balances for each other. Each “side” keeps the other from grabbing too much power and running with it.

However, the pendulum is now swinging so far and high that it sweeps right through the middle without slowing down.

There are ways we can quell that wild pendulum we call politics. Those leaders among us (shout out to you Conscious Leaders) can set examples for others in the ways we respond to, and talk about, political news and views.

Political synergy is a mindset, as well as a leadership and teaching method, that brings two ideas together. There is no need for compromise because the process creates a third viewpoint—a viewpoint that contains the ideas that created it, while being independent from them. That new, synergistic view is its own entity. It’s better than what any single person could create on their own.

This might sound like something that needs to  happen in the upper echelons of government. However, the place to make this happen is at the dinner table, the workplace, social settings with friends, family functions…all the places where YOU can take a leadership role and set the bar for political synergy.

How Political Synergy Looks in Action

Synergy is something that can happen in all kinds of relationships, including relationships between opposing views.

In a general sense, synergy is the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In a political sense, it can be explained this way:

You can have a perspective. Another person can have a different perspective. When the two come together, they can make something completely new, which is then a third perspective.

Need some courage to give this a shot? Understand one thing: You don’t have to lose your individuality in order to create a new way of looking at something.

When you have to decide if there’s a winner and loser, viewpoints can expand instead of contract. If we choose to approach each other with minds focused on a resolution outcome, we can make it more of a win/win scenario. Take notice if you strive to always be right…and then ask yourself this question: Would I rather be right or happy?

In my nearly four decades of teaching, I have found that there’s fear involved with new ways of seeing. A lot of people think they can’t gain anything without giving something up. Like if they find a new perspective, then they have to give up their original one.

In some cases, like when they’re finding new evidence to disprove a damaging belief, this can be true. However, when it comes to creating synergy, it’s simply not. When you create synergy, you add to what you already have. You can maintain your thoughts and beliefs while simultaneously creating something that is bigger than yourself.  You can find a resolution that creates a consensus, which means agreeing to support the decision even though you may disagree with parts of the conversation.

In the political arena, some might call this bipartisanship—but it’s bigger than that. It’s not about cherry-picking those things that both parties agree on and highlighting them. It’s about underscoring those things that have been created to include opposing views. Like oil and vinegar making a salad dressing (because who wants a salad with just one or the other?). Or like flour, sugar, baking soda, oil, eggs and vanilla coming together to make a cake (because, again, a cake is better than any of those things on their own). Nobody expects one single ingredient to be delicious all by itself…but we do have some high expectations about the final product.

You can expect the same results from political synergy.

Quell your Election Fears with Political Synergy

Polarized is one word that’s been used to describe this election year. This can bring fear of what the future holds. It might even leave you looking for ways to take control, which could lead to political arguments rooted in desperation…which result in the loss of respect and friendships.

It does not have to be this way. We can approach political conversations with compassion and empathy, understanding that our differing life circumstances lead all of us to different views. We can enter these conversations with statements that start with, “For me the truth is…” and share our feelings with compassion.  

We can also take full responsibility for our own thoughts, beliefs and actions without ever taking responsibility for the way others feel or act.

We can listen attentively to what others have to say, and add that to our bank of knowledge. It may affect our views, but it never has to. There are two ears and one mouth on all of our heads, and we should give them the stage accordingly: Listen twice as much as you speak.

When you have these types of interactions, with active listening, being present and feeling empathy toward others, you will create synergy—political and otherwise. You will no longer see people with opposing viewpoints as enemies. You will see them as people who want the same things as you do (to matter, to make a difference, to feel innocent, to be heard), but who have learned to see the world through a different color lens.

There is no shame in differing views. It’s an important part of the foundation of the United States government, and it will be a factor in every meaningful interaction you’ll have. So, Conscious Leaders, let’s start setting examples of Political Synergy every chance we get. It can happen with family, friends, at work and on social media. It can happen now, as the election approaches, and throughout the rest of your days, so that your legacy will have impressed this beautiful gift on all those who know you, learn from you and follow you. Then they can take this gift to all the lives they will touch.


The best leaders create more leaders, not more followers. Use this tumultuous time to lead people into states of synergy, rather than states of upheaval. Then those people will do the same. One person at a time, our country will experience peace. What’s all this talk about Conscious Leaders? Well, there’s a movement happening at this very moment. It’s made up of courageous, conscious leaders who are creating win/win situations and making differences all over the world. Want to learn more? Want to see if you’ve got what it takes to be part of the World’s Best Superleader Support System? Visit the Conscious Leadership Academy page to see what you’ve been missing. It’s never too late to stand up and stand out!