United We Fly, Divided We Cry

United Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

In these unsettling times, it’s more important than ever to learn how to bridge our differences. I know we’ve all heard it before, but the truth is that we’re all in this together.

I have been concerned about our loss of connection as a result of the pandemic, lockdowns, social isolation, political differences and more. Maybe you’ve felt the need to argue your point, to be right. Or maybe you’ve just gone to your corner, to cut ties and separate yourself from others.

There’s also this feeling of duality. Right now, everything can feel like it’s black or white, republican or democrat, right or wrong, physical or non-physical, male or female…the have and the have-nots.

United Essence of Being Burge Smith Lyons

The truth is that we’re all being perturbated. There’s big change coming, and we’re all going to be a part of that. For now, we’ve got to get comfortable with being in the gray area, which exists between the black and the white.

Of course, all of us have a choice to stay where we are, stuck. But if you choose to move forward in a united way, keep reading.

Being United…Maybe not what you Think

What does it mean to be united with one another for the common, highest good? What does it mean to be united in order to promote positive change, or to make a difference?

Being united doesn’t mean compromising. When you compromise, each party gives something up. Each might feel animosity toward the other, thinking they need to be paid back in another way in the future.

There’s a better way. We can listen to one another and have empathy for each others’ truths. We can then move forward in consensus (instead of compromise). This means we don’t have to give up any of our own beliefs. We respect other people’s right to do the same. We can bridge our differences while keeping those differences intact, for the sake of individuality, diversity and balance. We can be united in all that makes us unique.

We can be United

In this podcast, you will learn the keys to being a united humanity, without having to give up anything that makes us unique. I will be talking about the dangers of duality, the safety that comes with willful ignorance, the discomfort around change, the science of our reactions to fear, the difference between being happy and being right…and so much more.

Then, after I’ve taught you about how we can be united, I end with a meditation and some questions, answers and sharing.

I want to be united with you, even if we are as different as different can be. I want to find common ground, I want to respect your beliefs, I want to celebrate our differences…and find evidence that we are all united. The sooner we stop fighting this perturbation, the sooner we can get around to making big differences in the world.

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