You Have a Voice: Telling Your Truth

women have a voice

More than ever, it’s critical that conscious leaders around the globe have a voice. And it’s critical that they use that voice as part of an effective communication strategy if they want to make a difference and create a win/win world.

Your communication is the response you get. This means that if you don’t like your results in any area of life, then you need to look at the essence of your communication. For instance, if you feel like you’re not being heard, or that people are not understanding you, it could be that you need to look at the way you’re communicating your needs to them.

There are lots of reasons people think they don’t have a voice. Maybe you were reprimanded for speaking up when you were a child. Maybe you were made to feel that what you had to say wasn’t valuable. And perhaps all that negativity has contributed to limiting beliefs that are keeping you from the leadership role you were meant to hold.

When You Have a Voice…

You have a right to tell you truth — to speak your mind. You have a voice that matters, and it’s time to learn how to let that voice be heard. Leaders don’t shut down communications; they open lines of communication. Conscious leaders don’t fear retribution for having a voice and telling their truth. In fact, they are known for these things.

So join me in this podcast, where you’ll learn you do Have a Voice and you are free to Tell Your Truth. I’m going to be talking about active listening, communication blocks, empathy, compassion and so much more.

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