Holiday Communication: Family Love Fest or Smack Down?

What’s not to love about the holidays?  Good friends, good food and good fun!  But what happens when the spiced eggnog is flowing and the conversation turns to the dreaded topic of religion or politics?

We all want to enjoy spending time with our families, but it takes self-awareness, patience and understanding to make sure we are attending a love fest and not a smack-down!   In this podcast, I’ll help you to navigate these sometimes-stressful encounters by taking responsibility for your feelings and using the law of appreciation.

In most cases, there is love present in families. And where there is love, everything unlike love comes up.  When we go home as adults, it’s easy to revert to our childhood selves with all the triggers and wounds.  Maybe you were made fun of by your siblings, or didn’t get as much attention, or told you weren’t good enough.  The good news is that as adults, we can choose to heal those wounds by recognizing those behaviors.  We can take back our power by choosing to respond instead of reacting.   

When “Uncle Joe” starts making fun of you, instead of the freeze/flight/fight response, you can be an observer, not an absorber.  As an adult, we can see through the lens of our childhood and recognize that Uncle Joe probably just wants to be loved. 

There are certainly situations where putting yourself back into your family of origin is not safe.  If abuse or neglect exists, you can choose to remove yourself and be where you are safe with people who love and support you.

Most people, however are doing their best.  We all show up with our core belief systems that can influence how we perceive the world.  If we can go into this festive holiday with an awareness that we are all just trying to be heard and know that we matter, then we can see each other for what we are – Divine beings of light and love, infinitely connected to each other. 

So tune in and learn some techniques to stay grounded in your truth and love.  Love is always the answer.  You DO matter.  You add value.  Shine your light and those around you will have no choice but to see it.  

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