What is my Purpose? Why am I Here?


When you ask yourself “What is my Purpose?” or, “Why am I Here?” you might be wondering why you were put on this earth, or what difference you were intended to make. You might wonder what the outcome of your existence will be, what legacy you’ll leave, or what ripple effect you will cause.

It is important that we set goals, and create win/win situations for all involved; however, if we get too caught up in outcomes, we can miss the differences we made through our experiences and journeys.

Precession is the Answer to “What is My Purpose?”

Precession, as coined by Buckminster Fuller, is the effect of a body in motion on other bodies in motion. As you’re moving toward a goal you’ve set for yourself, it’s not necessarily the achievement of that goal that will make the biggest difference in the world. Instead, it’s the movements you created along the way.

To illustrate this point, think of a honey bee’s purpose. He wants to get as much nectar as possible. Nectar, nectar, nectar…that’s all he thinks about when he leaves the hive. However, that’s not the difference he makes. The difference he makes — or his purpose — is the pollen he gathers and spreads from flower to flower. That’s what’s necessary for future blooms. That’s what’s necessary for that beauty to continue, for fruit trees to bear fruit.

And so, like the honey bee, we are fulfilling our purpose with everything we do on the way to achieving our goals.

A Simple, “Purposeful” Exercise

In this podcast, I’m going to guide you through a simple exercise that will draw out your subconscious thoughts around what you want to experience…so you become more clear about the questions you’ve been asking: “What is my Purpose?” “Why am I Here?”

And what you’ll learn is sure to be eye-opening. Nearly everyone who completes this exercise has an Ah-Hah moment that stays with them for their entire life. It stays with them while they’re out in the world, or in their own homes, making choices and making differences.

You might be blessed enough to see your purpose played out in the differences you make. Or, you might never see the differences you make. Either way, it’s crucial that you understand you ARE having an effect. You ARE making a difference.

Because if you’re in motion, you’re affecting others.

After you listen to this podcast and have a better answer to the question “What is my Purpose?” I urge you to visit essenceofbeing.com/cla to learn more about how conscious and courageous leaders, just like you, are supporting one another in creating win/win situations and making differences.