What Is My Purpose?

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What is My Purpose?

Have you figured out what your life purpose is? Do you know the reason for your existence?

Some of you may be on track while some may be off track with your life purpose right now. But when do you say that you’re on track? How do you become off track? Do you really need proof that you make a difference before you can say that you have a significant purpose on earth?

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Faith as Source of Your Life Purpose

Faith is simply believing even in the absence of validation. It is knowing your value in the absence of proof. Remember this—you don’t need to validate yourself to realize your worth.

You simply believe that YOU CAN and that YOU are CAPABLE of doing amazing things, without anyone telling you so or without basing it to whether you achieve your goals made a difference.

Your existence is enough.

Your Effect Serves as Your Life Purpose

You may not be aware but every action you take has an effect on something or someone.

Helping someone in a small way or letting someone get in line in a grocery store may be small acts of kindness for you, but mean a lot to someone. Same goes with achieving your goals. When you move something toward your goal and add value along the way, the effect you’re going to have in the world will add value. That alone, is your life purpose.

At the end of the day, your purpose doesn’t depend on whether you achieve your goal or not. It’s what you do along the way that adds up to your worth.

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