ReEmerge with Burge: Managing your Energy From Isolation

Have you been isolating yourself for more than a year now? Does the pandemic make you feel unsure about how you can go back out and connect with people again? Are you anxious and fearful and don’t know how you can go about managing your energy from isolation?

With everything that’s happened around us, it’s just normal to feel that way. We may be having a lot of contrast in our life right now, but we must never stop searching for clarity—clarity about what it is that’s important to us, what do we want and how do we want to reemerge.

You are the eye of the hurricane. Sometimes, while you are standing in the eye, you just dip into the hurricane, lean over, with all the winds and all the crap and debris hitting you. You get out of breath and bump up against all of the stuff that is out there. But all you have to do in order to re-experience the eye, the calm, and the connection is to just stand up back up.

Just stand in that eye, in that calm so that there is nothing that could be hitting you. You are the eye, or you are the “I”. Stand in your integrity and hold your shape. Do not let others influence your calm.

Tune in to this podcast for a meditation that will help you get back into that center place—the eye, the calm, the “I”.