Conscious Intentions for the New Year


A lot of us are happy to say goodbye to 2020; however, you might also feel like you’re entering 2021 with a lack of control. That’s where conscious intentions come in.

We all have conscious and subconscious thoughts, but if you’re working toward one thing and you keep getting another, your subconscious mind is driving the bus. When that happens, we are essentially setting subconscious or unconscious intentions…without awareness that we could be sabotaging our own efforts.

When our intentions are conscious, we align our BubbleTalk (subconscious thoughts) with our conscious desires through visioning. And when you consciously vision something (as with a vision board) you are holding what you choose to experience in your head AND your heart. You’re expressing it outwardly so it’s real.

That’s how intentions become reality.

The Power of Conscious Intentions

When you consciously create what you want for the coming year (and for the rest of your life) you will feel more in control and will experience better outcomes.

We are all co-creators in our realities. Therefore, when we all start to think more consciously about what we really want, we’ll start making choices that lead to those realities.

A word of caution, though: as you make conscious intentions, focus on the journey rather than the outcome. Because you will be making your intentions known to The Universe. It has far more resources and wisdom than we ever will, and it will be up to The Universe to deliver to you in divine time.

Our timelines don’t make sense in The Universe. There are so many other things happening (and other people to look out for). We can’t possibly know what’s best for everyone involved. That’s why when you set your conscious intentions, you will says, “This or something better.”

Then you’ll sit back, enjoy the journey, make decisions that feel right to you and wait for your dreams to be delivered. You might not recognize them when they arrive. They might not show up when you thought they would. Have faith that the highest good for all will happen.


That’s how you set conscious intentions and take more control over your reality for 2021.

Come Make Conscious Intentions with Me

Join me for this recording of January’s Power Hour. I will engage you in an exercise that will help to reveal where you are in 13 areas of your life…because in order to get somewhere, we have to know where we’re starting.

I will also give you a number of tools for making progress happen. You no longer have to get wrapped up in shaming yourself for not achieving things by now, or for what has happened in the past.

This is a new year and a new day. Until recently, you did not know how to effectively set conscious intentions. But now, you’re on your way to receiving all that The Universe has in store for you.

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