Managing Your Energy

Have you noticed a difference in people’s behavior around their personal space since the world began to reopen after the pandemic? It’s possible that this hesitancy or discomfort is related to managing one’s energy.

As we navigate through this new phase of social interaction, it’s important to be mindful of our energy fields and the connections we make with others. Each of us has our own unique energy grid and safe zone for personal space, which may have become more apparent during our time in isolation and quarantine.

To manage your energy effectively, it’s important to tune into your own comfort level and be aware of energy matching with others. For example, you may need to be mindful of whether to shake hands or touch someone when greeting them. It’s also essential to avoid being an energy vampire, which means not draining the life force from others if you’re feeling depleted.

One tool you can use to protect your energy is to imagine a mirror surrounding you on all sides, with the reflective parts facing outward. Say to yourself, “Mirror up,” and visualize that any energy that bumps into yours cannot enter your space unless you consciously choose to allow it. You can also send any energy that is not of the light to the Divine Light to diffuse it.

Managing your energy takes practice, but it’s worth the effort. By being aware of your energy fields and protecting yourself from negative energy, you can feel connected and safe while interacting with others.