Self Worth: Allowing Love and Support

self worth allowing love and support

Do you feel worthy of love and support? How open are you to allowing others to love and support you…even if it doesn’t come in the way you’d envisioned?

Trust, Allow and Don’t Ask How means staying committed, but letting go of the outcome. It means knowing that results won’t come in the time or the form you had imagined — but if you’re putting out the right energy, it will happen.

This also applies to love and support. If you want those things for yourself, then it’s important to let go of how you think they should look and simply receive them. Love is Love is Love. Support is Support is Support. And if you have feelings of having to deserve these things, or that you aren’t worthy, or that you haven’t worked hard enough, or that there will be strings attached…well, then it’s time to say, “Until recently, I haven’t allowed others to love and support me.” Now is the time let all that in.

With Self Worth, you can Freely Receive

What does a baby do when you dote on her? Does she put up her little hand and refuse the love? Does she deny you the joy of holding her and loving her?

Of course not! She freely receives, which allows you to freely give. In this way, receiving is giving. She is giving you the pleasure of giving.

Love and support works in the same way. If your beliefs around your own self worth say that you deserve love and support, without having to earn it or pay it back, then that love and support will come your way. When you appreciate love and support, you will vibrate that appreciation and more love and support will come your way.

It may not look precisely the way you thought it would, but remember: Love is Love is Love. Support is Support is Support. Avoid putting your hand up and denying it. This will block the cycle.

Self Worth and your BubbleTalk

It’s time to align your conscious words and actions with your subconscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs. When you believe you’re worthy, you will receive. When you believe you deserve love and support — without having to earn it — then it will come, too.

You can make your BubbleTalk and your conscious thoughts congruent with a few simple exercises. You can change your level of consciousness simply by playing and learning. Find out how in this podcast, all about Self Worth and Allowing Love and Support.

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