Gratitude and Self Love

girl looking in the mirror with gratitude and self love

You can create gratitude and radiate self love by starting with one little step. You can appreciate just one thing about yourself. And from there, love will permeate every part of your body, mind, heart and spirit.

When you were little, you may have been led to believe things about yourself by your parents, family members, school, friends, religion, culture, …and you may have decided to adopt those things as truth. Some of those things may be have been positive; others were negative.

And so, you have gathered evidence that affects your ability to show gratitude and self-love. That evidence may be real. It may be false.

Often, we feel guilt, shame–and think about what we should have done. We dwell on what’s missing, or what could have been, or how we should look, or what we should have said…instead of naming those things about ourselves that we’re grateful for, or choosing to do things differently because we have the power to see ourselves as perfect, innocent, and capable of change.

You are innocent. Your are worthy. You are good enough, You are perfect. You are safe. You are wanted. And you are loved.

Curious about how to get to a place where you can say all those things to yourself and believe them? Then tune in to this podcast, all about gratitude and self love. I have exercises, tools, affirmations…each of which will move you forward in the direction of your desires.

How are gratitude and self love affecting your relationships? Are you enriching yourself and others? Or holding yourself back, spinning your wheels with guilt, doubt, shame, blame and more? Find by visiting Essence of Relationships.