For More Abundance, Give as you Go and Create a Flow


What do you have abundance of? Is it love, joy, debt or clutter? How about family, fresh air, pleasure or guilt? No matter what your present circumstance, you can always name something in which you are abundant. And, you can always create more abundance.

Your Subconscious Abundance Blocks

Many of us have blocks around money — limiting beliefs we learned as children that are keeping us from prosperity today. Many of us have fear around having money; others fear giving it away. Some even have a fear of receiving money.

The things we learned about money early in life can get in the way of how we open ourselves to experiencing financial abundance. For instance, if you were taught that wanting money makes you a greedy person, then it’s time to find new evidence around how people with money can change the world for the better. If you grew up believing that receiving money was a bad idea, because there’s always a string attached, then it’s time to start receiving freely so others can give (because giving and receiving are the same energy, after all).

Paying attention to how you feel when you hold money, and getting in touch with the emotions it evokes, can help you to uncover the blocks that could be keeping you from experiencing abundance. In this podcast, I’m going to teach you how to do that.

What’s Keeping you From Abundance?

It’s always a good time to make money. Even if you’re bankrupt, homeless, without support, spiritually or physically exhausted…it’s a good time to make money. Even if you’re breaking down, it’s a good time to break through and break free.

You can start to create abundance by giving as you go (even if all you have is a smile or one dollar) and going with the flow. You can create a giving-and-receiving flow in which what goes out from you comes back to you. In this way, money can flow like water. All you’ll need to do is change the emotions that you have attached to money.

Join me in this podcast, to learn how to shift those limiting beliefs, clear those blocks, open yourself to all that’s available to you…and be abundant.

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