Two Things Blocking you from Reaching Goals

reaching goals

How do you feel after reaching goals?

When you set intentional visions for reaching your goals, you can see them as if they’ve already happened. You can imagine yourself at the end of your career, or when your children are grown…looking back on what you’ve accomplished.

You can feel the satisfaction that comes with achieving those goals. You can see the lives you’ve touched. You can hear people thanking you, and see the difference you’ve made in the world. It feels good.

And when you envision this with vivid imagery, your brain ‘believes’ you’ve already been through it. Suddenly, you have subconscious wisdom about how to reach your goal.

We all know what happens when we’ve achieved something: we feel more confident, more capable of seeing opportunities when they present themselves. Decisions are simpler to make because we’ve been there before. And because we’re grateful and conscious of the goodness that has come with that achievement, we will attract more of the same into our lives.

As you move forward, guided by your vision of what you want to accomplish, don’t simply wish it will happen; know that you will experience the success you’ve already envisioned.

But, please. Beware. We need to talk about two unexpected things that can sabotage your goal achievement.

Expectations are Bad News for Reaching Goals

When you envision your success, remember to imagine the feelings you’ve experienced and the people you’ve helped…but never the time at which it came or exactly how it looked when it did.

You might be wishing for a new job in your industry; however, if you’re focused on a phone call from ABC Incorporated tomorrow, you’re limiting your potential. Instead, do all you can to make yourself available for all opportunities, then say, “this or something better.”

God, The Universe, Great Spirit—whomever or whatever guides you—has a plan for you. You simply need to be open to the result, without being tied to the outcome. If you have expectations about outcomes, you’re limiting yourself. Your higher power has knowledge and access to far more resources than you do, so it’s always best to simply set your intentions and leave the details to the master. Otherwise, you could be limiting how and when (and how well) it comes to you.

Always remember to Trust, Allow and Don’t Ask How.

Compartmentalizing is the Worst for Reaching Goals

Oftentimes, when we’re on our way to achieving goals, setbacks happen and we might get distracted. Suddenly, you might not feel complete. You might stop in your tracks and refuse to feel. Maybe you’ll take that challenge, mistake, shortcoming, something you haven’t done yet, or dark thing and put it in a little hole and try to forget about it.

reaching goals

And every time it shows up again, you might push it back into that little hole.

Here’s the problem with that: that dark thing needs to be acknowledged. Otherwise, it will get louder and louder—more distracting and less and less agreeable to reaching goals.

If you push it away, it will drain your energy. Remember that all things that are unlike love come up in the presence of love, for the purpose of healing. This means that when you choose to pursue a goal for the highest good of everyone involved, that’s LOVE. And where there’s love, those dark things come up. They need healing. A loving situation is the best place for that to happen.

So what’s a goal-seeker to do with those things?

Acknowledge them. Say, “I see you.” Recognize them as part of you. Feel them. Experience them. Allow them to be without denying their existence.

You cannot do away with these things, no matter how much positivity, optimism or light you operate with. They must be accepted as part of you—a whole and complete person moving toward creating a win/win world.

I see this most often when people state their vision, and they immediately think, but I don’t have it yet. The longing, and the fact that it’s not here yet, is a dark spot that’s going to keep coming up and getting louder and louder. Then, that noise level might cause sadness, or might make you feel disheartened in reaching your goals.

That’s when it’s time to declare, “I don’t have it yet, but I know it’s coming.” Be mindful not to do a ‘spiritual bypass.’ In other words, avoid saying, “it’s coming,” without feeling and acknowledging the longing—because it will keep haunting you until it is acknowledged.

Only when you acknowledge the dark parts can you truly be free. When you’re feeling doubtful, look to the teachings of Jesus, or Buddha, and remember they taught us to love the whole person. That applies to self-love, too. Love it all—every bit of you. No numbing out or pushing it away. No ignoring it or denying it.

Just be whole, so you can get to the business of reaching goals.

The Best State of Mind for Reaching Goals

When you’re setting out to make a difference, everything in you comes along. Too often, we find ourselves asking for something very specific, on our timeline, and then wondering why it doesn’t happen as planned. Or, we move forward focused on the positive while attempting to bury the negative. The negative then requires more attention and keeps us from reaching goals.

What has been holding you back from reaching goals? Have one or two of these unproductive habits been playing a role? You can live a life of happiness, inner peace, growth and abundance. You can have it all, and it starts with Essence of Being. Visit our Events Calendar and learn more about the Conscious Leadership Academy.