Financial Prosperity in 3 Steps: Ask, Recognize, Receive


Do you want Financial Prosperity? Do you want to Create Wealth? Would you rather focus on the things you love to do with your money, rather than on where you’ll find the money to do those things? And could you do without the stress that comes with financial troubles?

The last time we met here, we talked about identifying your subconscious thoughts around financial abundance (and where they’ve come from) in Financial Abundance Barriers: A Quiz. You may have revealed some pieces of BubbleTalk that are undermining your conscious efforts to experience financial prosperity; and I trust that if you did, you’ve been working on finding new evidence that does a better job of supporting your goals.

Now, it’s time to move forward with further transformation of your subconscious and unconscious thought patterns; to learn to create wealth and readily accept it when it comes to you.

Let’s get started.

It is Spiritually Appropriate to Receive Financial Prosperity

We all have preconceptions and ideas around money; and some of those notions are never going to allow us to become prosperous. For instance, most of us recognize that it’s socially acceptable NOT to receive. In other words, we might think it’s “good,” or “pious,” or “pure” to turn down good things that are offered to us (like money).

And this kind of thinking often interferes with The Universe’s intentions for our lives. We give, and yet, when it comes time to receive, we might put up our hands and say, “No thanks.”

We can’t expect to become financially prosperous using this type of behavior. Instead, I would ask you to start thinking about Receiving as being Spiritually Appropriate.

Picture this: Would you go into a coffee shop, order a latté, pay for it…and then when it’s handed to you over the counter say, “No thanks, I don’t deserve it”?

Of course not! You ordered it, you paid the money, you want it, and you deserve it. That’s simple to understand, right?

And yet, too many of us are putting in the work, paying the dues…and then when good things come our way (including money), we’re denying The Universe the joy of giving it to us. Giving and receiving are the same energy, and if you refuse to receive, you are breaking the chain.

This could be one of the reasons you’re not receiving the financial prosperity you’ve been wanting. It really might be that simple!

Fear of Financial Prosperity

Another reason that some people fail to reach their financial goals is fear. There’s the fear of having money and violating some long-head “rule” about being rich. Maybe you’ve been taught that rich people are dishonest, or that rich people aren’t pure…and those beliefs could be housed in your subconscious thoughts, interfering with progress.

Or, maybe you fear having money and losing it. Perhaps you’ve seen loved ones fall into financial ruin, or you’ve lost money when you had it in the past. And so, when you think of financial prosperity, you might think of short-lived joy followed by a lifetime of disappointment and feelings of failure. And so, your subconscious thoughts might lead you to sabotage your financial efforts (often without your awareness).

There are countless fears that could keep someone from money, and many times, those fears go unrecognized by the conscious mind.

If, after examination, you determine that having money does scare you, there are some things you can do to change that. First, learn to feel innocent around money. If you get a pang of guilt when you receive it, you’re going to have to decide where that guilt is stemming from. It’s not the money itself—because contrary to what you may have been taught, money is not evil. It’s just paper that can be used for good. It’s simply a form of trade currency.

Next, understand that what you focus on expands. If you find yourself in thought loops about how much you hate being poor, then you’ll probably continue to be poor. That’s because The Universe doesn’t hear negatives. All it hears is “poor.” And so, it delivers. If, instead, you’re focused on attracting wealth, and how good that will feel, The Universe will hear “wealth” and deliver it.

Will you accept that wealth when it arrives?

Three Steps for Creating Wealth and Financial Prosperity

When your head is in the right place surrounding money (when you believe that Receiving is Spiritually Appropriate, that Money is Innocent and nothing to fear), you can begin to Create Wealth.


Remember that with the right focus and the willingness to receive, The Universe can create anything from nothing.

Here’s that Plan to Create Wealth:

  1. Ask.  Not sure what you want? Look at what you don’t want and ask for the opposite, remembering that contrast creates clarity. Once you realize what you should be asking for, shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want.
  2. Recognize The Universe’s Response.  Unless the blessings coming your way are blocked by your BubbleTalk (subconscious thoughts), you will always receive what you ask for. The Universe always says yes. Speed this process along by starting to say “I create…” and “I choose…” rather than “I want…”
  3. Receive.  This is the hardest part, and the part that a negative subconscious thought can interfere with the most. Always remember that when you recognize a blessing from The Universe, IT’S YOURS, and it is spiritually appropriate to receive it.

It’s that simple: Create Wealth and Financial Prosperity by Asking, Recognizing and Receiving.

I trust that you’ll become more aware of what’s standing in your way, as well as the good things you may have been denying yourself.

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