Financial Abundance Barriers: A Quiz


When the topic of financial abundance comes up, you might find yourself asking, Where has all my money gone? Why can’t I get ahead? Why do I always seem to be struggling financially? When will I finally experience financial prosperity?

Maybe you feel like you’re making all the right economic decisions, and yet, you’re not getting the results you expect. This can be frustrating, to say the least…but we’re about to get to the bottom of it.

What’s Standing in Your Way?

The first step is to understand how conscious and subconscious thought processes work. You have two types of thoughts running through your mind right now: Conscious and Subconscious. You are aware of your conscious thoughts; you are intentionally creating them in an effort to get certain results. You may not, however, be aware of your subconscious thoughts…or your BubbleTalk.

The funny thing about subconscious thoughts is that you may not know just how much power they have in shaping your outcomes.

Your BubbleTalk doesn’t have to be a mystery. You simply need to look at the results you’re getting in any given area of your life. Those results are directly aligned with your BubbleTalk. Because, in reality, those subconscious thoughts are directing the show, driving the bus…running your life.

If you want to transform any area of your life, you’ve got to do more than change your conscious thoughts. You’ve got to shift your subconscious thoughts. Financial Abundance is no different, and you’re about to find out what’s been holding you back—as well as how you can break through and enjoy every financial blessing that’s been trying to make its way into your life.

Step One: Identify your Blocks to Financial Abundance

If you want to thrive financially, but your subconscious thoughts are telling you that money doesn’t make you happy, or that money is evil (for instance), then you’ll probably have trouble achieving your financial goals.

The Quiz, Part One

Rate each of the following 1 through 10, with 1 meaning that you totally disagree (or that the statement has no ring of truth to it), and 10 meaning that you totally agree. Go with your gut reaction—no reasoning or “thinking it through.”

  1. Money is the root of all evil.
  2. It’s more enlightened to be poor than rich.
  3. Most rich people probably did something bad or dishonest to get their money.
  4. Having a lot of money will make me less spiritual or pure.
  5. Getting rich takes too much work and struggle.
  6. Having a lot of money is a big responsibility.
  7. I don’t feel good enough to be rich.
  8. Realistically, chances are I will never be rich.
  9. Getting rich isn’t for people like me.
  10. Getting rich is a matter of luck or fate.

Now tally your score.

If you got more than 50, you’ve got some work to do in regard to your BubbleTalk. Your conscious and subconscious thoughts may be out of alignment. In other words, you might want to experience financial abundance, but your beliefs may be causing you to make decisions that keep it from happening.

Even if your total score did not exceed 50, look at your individual answers. One at a time, consider any that are 5 or more. Ask yourself if that subconscious belief coincides with a current reality. Does it start to explain why you’re having difficulty in any one area? This is your diagnosis; this is likely the source of your resistance.


The subconscious thoughts that are giving you trouble are probably based on evidence you’ve gathered. You can change them by creating new evidence, proving something new to yourself, and shifting your BubbleTalk in a direction that aligns with your goals.

That might be easier said than done…unless you have this next part to help you navigate.

Step Two:  Pinpoint the Source of your BubbleTalk

When we need to find new evidence to disprove subconscious thoughts that aren’t serving our purpose, it can be very helpful to identify where that BubbleTalk originated. Sometimes it’s a product of things we’ve experienced (or experienced vicariously through others). Sometimes it comes from our parents, teachers, friends, religion, jobs or news.

The Quiz, Part Two

When you know the source of your current subconscious thoughts (the ones holding you back), you can start by looking elsewhere for the new evidence you need.

So, in an effort to determine that, complete these sentences:

  1. My mother’s beliefs around money are/were…    (What did you hear her say? What did her actions indicate?) Even if you’re not sure, make something up, because your impressions are likely to be correct.
  2. My father’s beliefs around money are/were…    (same thing, different parent)
  3. My beliefs around money are…

Now compare your answers to any areas where you’ve been having difficulty. Look for similarities and patterns.

And after you’ve determined where your beliefs about money have originated, ask yourself Does this serve my purpose?

Your thoughts will remain eternal until they are rethought, and for that reason, the only way around your financial abundance block is to replace those old, negative thought patterns with new, positive and supportive ones.

Moving Toward Financial Abundance

Live with these questions…as well as any revelations you may have received through this exercise for a bit. And stay tuned, because the next article you’ll find here is going to be about how to move past any beliefs that might be limiting your financial abundance and how to move forward with creating wealth. If you’re ready to stop playing small and to experience financial abundance, join us in our members-only Conscious Leadership Academy, where conscious leaders are empowering others to create a win/win world. There, you will RECEIVE all the pieces of playing big, and you will never have to do it alone. Abundance is one key component of the academy, and you will learn about the others that will support you in your success, as you make a difference.