Coronavirus: You Have a Choice


What does that mean? How can you have a choice when it comes to an infectious disease like Coronavirus? Of course, you can choose to wash your hands, avoid touching your face, sanitize every surface within a half-mile radius…but you recognize that you’re still not immune to the virus.

When I talk about a choice, I’m not talking about saying “I choose not to inhale you” to a little germ. What I’m talking about is choosing to exist in a Love Thought System, choosing to gather new evidence, choosing to understand the true nature of fear, and more.

Join me to discover how you can come to terms with the fear you might be experiencing surrounding the latest health news that’s gripping the globe. You can live in peace and harmony despite what’s on the news, and you can do it on your terms.

Choose to be Happy, Rather than Right, about Coronavirus

I recently watched a viral (LOL) video of a woman who had just come out of the grocery store in the midst of the Coronavirus scare. She was on a rant, because the lady in front of her in line saw the check-out clerk touch his face. She yelled at him and insisted that he stop ringing up her items and wash his hands. He told her there was no time, but she would not give in. And so, he found some hand sanitizer and rubbed it on his hands.

The woman, somewhat appeased, but still annoyed, continued to pay for her groceries with a debit card, using the keypad to enter her pin.

The ranting woman in the video pointed out that this fearful, irrational lady who was holding up the entire line probably picked up more germs from the keypad than she ever would have from that check-out boy. But here’s what I got from the story: That unreasonable woman was operating from a place of fear, and just like many people who do, she was more concerned with being right than with being happy.

Certainly, we all like to be right, but when it takes over your life, when you have to prove that you’re right before you move on, when you have to prove that nothing is wrong with you…well then you believe, on a subconscious level, that something is wrong.

When you’re not alright, you might feel compelled to prove that you are right—and that need supersedes all else. This behavior is evidence that you’re operating in a Fear Thought System, and where there is fear there cannot be love, or happiness.

So, when it comes to this virus, or anything that contrasts to what you think should be happening, you have a choice. Will you be right? Will you insist that you know how to control it, or handle it, or react to it? Or will you take reasonable measures and just be happy?

Gather New Evidence about Coronavirus

Every bit of your personal belief system is made up of something you have adopted as truth. That doesn’t, however, mean it’s true.

You were taught things by your parents, your church, your school, your friends, your culture…and some of those things were not true. Likewise, you have been taught things about Coronavirus by social media, television, radio, friends, coworkers…and some of those things are not true.

But how are you to know what’s true and what isn’t?

The gauge you use to determine the answer to this question will directly affect how you live your life.

It’s not about what evidence comes from the most reputable source, or what evidence is shouted the loudest. It’s about finding the evidence that puts you in a Love Thought System, rather than in a Fear Thought System.

For instance, you can choose to seek out evidence about how many people have succumbed to the virus. Or, you can choose to look for evidence about how many have avoided it, or recovered from it. We spend our whole lives gathering evidence, but until we choose to change our interpretation of it, we will live in fear.


Your filter, your reality, is equal to the evidence you choose to gather, so gather those things that are in harmony with the Love Thought System.

Love holds the power of truth. Fear is just an illusion…which brings me to my final point.

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real

It can also be called Forgetting Everything is Alright.

When we talk about Coronavirus, your default might be panic, or worry. But that doesn’t mean it has to be that way. You have a choice, and you can choose to believe that fear is not an indicator of truth.

If you’ve ever done something you were afraid to do, you might have been surprised, or realized that your fear hadn’t been rational. And after you accomplished that thing, you were probably more willing to try something else you were afraid of.

The exhilaration that comes from conquering fear is really about the thrill of discovering the fear may have never been founded in truth. It didn’t just become false after you conquered it.

The same goes with fear of things like viruses and other health threats. Operating in a Fear Thought System will not keep that virus away. Nor will it make you feel more accomplished or safer. It will only serve to create disharmony.

Think of a child who believes there’s a monster under her bed. She cries for her parents. She believes with every ounce of her being that it’s there; so much that she’s trembling with fear. When her parents come to her room, show her the emptiness under her bed, and prove that there’s no monster, she can then rest. In that child’s mind, that monster smelled, felt, sounded and looked real. But it wasn’t there when she was given new evidence to focus on. And more importantly, it may have never been there.

There’s no use wasting time on fear: fear of something that was never there. Instead, choose love. Because if you live in fear, the thing you fear most is what you will attract. That fear is just an illusion, bringing more of the same into your life because that’s where your focus lies.

So find new evidence, choose to be happy instead of being right, and live in a Love Thought System…always remembering that what you focus on expands.

This is the power of choice—a choice that is completely within your right, your innocence, your strength, and your power. Are you struggling with fear of Coronavirus, or anything else like risk, surrender, relationships or intimacy? Then listen to the recording of the Authentic Relationships podcast at And register for the Essence of Relationships One-Day Event, happening on Saturday, April 25th.