Authentic Relationships


The first step to having authentic relationships with others is having an authentic relationship with yourself. In relationships, R.E.A.L. means Realizing Energy is Accountable to Love.

This podcast begins with 18 affirmations (little lies you tell yourself until they become true) for creating an authentic relationship with self.

Next, I will talk about your relationship with your Higher Self, The Universe, God, Great Spirit…whatever you connect with.

Then, we will discuss your beliefs, how they were formed, how you gathered evidence to prove them, and how you are responsible for your own thoughts, beliefs and actions.

And finally, we will move onto how to create authentic relationships with others. I’ve got tips for compassionate communication and an illustration of the Egocentric Cycle and Compassion Cycle.

Why We Need Help with Relationships

In many cases, people find themselves in the same types of relationships over and over again — just with different faces. They wonder why they’re always feeling betrayed, or why they have difficulty being intimate.

Getting into relationships brings up all those things about us that are unlike love, for the purpose of healing them. If you’re having the same recurring difficulties in relationships, the common denominator is you. That means you have some healing to do.

So come with me to learn how you can get real, and have authentic relationships where you orbit in love, without ego, and where you can choose love over fear.

Tools for Authentic Relationships

Relationships take work, but when you have the right tools, it’s not difficult. To close out this podcast, I’ll be teaching you about mirroring, open-ended questions, and compassion.

If you are a conscious, courageous leader who wants to learn more about creating authentic relationships for yourself — and the world — come see what’s up in the Conscious Leadership Academy. It’s the world’s best superleader support system!