Transitions: How to Move Through Change with Ease

What do you do during a transition? How do you move through change with ease?

When you go from one thing to another or if there are some unknowns, how do you deal with that change?

Samuel Becket said, “Try again, fail again, and fail better.” Failure is a transition. If you avoid failure in your life, you could be avoiding success. The only failure is the failure to participate.

If you’re participating in life, you’re not failing. You’re learning, you’re creating, you’re moving, you’re making a difference. Fear often comes up when there’s change or transition. But authentic success arrives only after you have mastered failing better.

So how do you overcome fear? Trust, allow, and don’t ask how. Change can be scary, but here’s a formula for change: C = (V + B + P) > X

C stands for Change. V stands for Vision or what you hold in your heart and in your mind – your WHY. B stands for Breakdown. This is the turning point in your life that causes you to change, which we all need at some point in time. P, on the other hand, stands for Plan, or the steps that you’re going to take in order to make whatever change you choose. Finally, X stands for the fear of change.

This change formula will help you shift into something a little easier with ease and grace.

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