What Is My Passion?

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself the question, “What is my passion?” ? Do you somehow feel your passion inside but don’t express it?

Passion is an uncontrollable, unique vibration, or awareness to feel who you are and express it comprehensively. I also define PASSION as:

P – Powerful Play

            Putting passion into play means putting an energy into it. Play is important, because it gives you a limitless freedom kind of experience.

A – Awareness and Allowing

            If you’re aware of what your passion is, then you get to choose if you’re going to express it or not. Give yourself permission to feel it. The key is to trust and allow yourself.

S – Surrender

Learn to surrender and become vulnerable. The more vulnerable you become, the more you can open, surrender and let go of the fear that’s stopping you from expressing who you are.

S – Safe

            When you have the intention that all is well, trust your intuition because it’s always right. Feeling safe can be very personal. In order for you to really express and feel your passion about life in general without fear of being judged, simply be who you are and express yourself freely.

I – Integrity

Integrity means allowing yourself to feel who you are, without others influencing you to pull you off your center to hold your shape—the integrity of steel. As long as you can stand in your power and integrity, hold your shape, then all of the plates that you try to keep spinning will go on around you while you are in the center. 

O – Ownership

            You own your passion. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. It is your unique, uncontrollable vibration.

N – Neutral

            Having neutral emotions means not being attached to how you look or how you think people see you. It is letting go of any emotional charge you may have one way or another. 

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