The Wet Truth Process

the wet truth process and water

When you pronounce the word Intimacy like “In To Me See,” you can begin to have a better understanding of what it really means. We often equate intimacy with sex, when in fact, they can exist separately from each other.

Intimacy means opening our hearts to each other, so “into each other we can see,” and it feels so good because we were designed to connect with one another—to Orbit in Love and then intersect with other people’s orbits, to create something bigger than two individuals. You can learn more about that topic in my blog, Are You Relationship Material?

Intimacy doesn’t come easily to all of us. Maybe you’ve been taught by your parents, your school, your church or your friends that opening up is dangerous, or that you could be hurt. Maybe you were taught that to show vulnerability, from the deepest places inside you, is a sign of weakness. Or, it could be that you believe intimate disclosures and revelations seem “whiny” or that no one really wants to listen.

The limiting beliefs we walk through life with aren’t always true; in fact, they are often based on incorrect evidence we’ve gathered. We continue through life picking up more evidence to support these beliefs, fortifying them and creating even stronger blocks to finding intimacy. Some of us may have fears based on that false evidence we’ve learned to believe (FEAR does mean False Evidence Appearing Real, after all), and so we shut others out, and shy away from any form of intimacy.

I have good news for you: You can find new evidence to prove that intimacy does not equal weakness. In fact, you can prove to yourself that your strength lies in your vulnerability. You can connect with people on a level in which you both remain autonomous individuals, but together create something big and beautiful that outshines what either of you could produce on your own.

Are you intrigued? Are you ready to learn how sharing intimacy through The Wet Truth Process can save your relationship, further deepen it, or build the one you want?

It’s time to go deep with The Wet Truth Process.

Instructions for The Wet Truth Process

The Wet Truth Process is designed to encourage active listening (without interruption), and a deeper connection through vulnerability and the science of water.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • You, naked
  • Your romantic partner, naked
  • A filled bathtub, hot tub, pool…or any body of water

Why naked? When you are undressed, you are expressing your vulnerability. You are not hiding, and you are in your natural state, like a newborn baby, with no pretense or motives. It is symbolic of saying, “This is the real me. I have nothing to hide, and this is my truth.”

Why water? Water represents emotion, and it naturally magnifies and amplifies what you’re feeling. It also symbolizes flow, which is crucial when you’re exchanging intimate thoughts that you want to flow freely. When you expose your truth while submerged in water, it becomes even more powerful. You can feel that power as you release your truth and as you receive your partner’s truth.

Enter the water and sit facing each other, with your knees bent in front of you and touching your partner’s knees. Hold hands. Touching is necessary because it reinforces the connection the two of you are about to make. This position is important because it’s not sexual in nature. What you’re connecting right now are your hearts and minds.

One at a time, speak what’s in your heart. Start with, “What I feel like saying is…” while the other person listens silently. This is not a back-and-forth, a dialogue or a conversation. It’s one person doing nothing but absorbing what the other has to say, with an open mind and an open heart. This is about honesty and openness; no embarrassment or censorship, just the allowing of genuine disclosure to flow from one person to another.

wet truth process

The first person finishes when he or she feels that they have said everything they need to say, and their communication is complete.

The other person does the same thing. Again, no dialogue; just listening.

Take turns until you’ve both entirely expressed yourselves, and you both feel completely heard in this, The Wet Truth Process.

Benefits of The Wet Truth Process

As you may know, we all have our own truths, and therefore our own realities. Our beliefs create filters through which we see the world, and it can be difficult to imagine what it’s like any other way.

When you have authentic intimacy with your partner, you expand your ability to see the world through their eyes. You’ll have a better understanding of why they do what they do, and why they feel the way they feel. This level of intimacy is like empathy, but even more powerful.

In an intimate relationship, you will feel understood, or “gotten.” You will experience a connection that is not possible any other way, because both of you have shifted your own realities to include those of the one you love.

Only good things can come from this place and The Wet Truth Process. You are both opening yourselves to all the goodness The Universe, God, Great Spirit…has to offer you, your partner, and the two of you as a couple.

The Wet Truth Process is just a portion of what is taught in the Essence of Relationships module of the Conscious Leadership Academy. If you’re interested in learning more about what’s possible in your relationship with yourself, your partner, your friends, your family and your higher power, visit And if you feel drawn to leadership and want to join a global movement of conscious leaders empowering others to create a win/win world, you’ve got to pop in at It’s the place where people are learning to receive love, feel wanted, have a voice and make a difference.

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