Sex and Essence of Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy

Listen to our podcast on SEX AND ESSENCE OF INTIMACY! When you open up and allow another person into your space, that intimacy will transform your relationship. A variety of fears and long-held beliefs can keep us from fully opening up to others. Those things that need healing inside us will come up in loving relationships. We might resist getting close, or allowing ourselves to feel pleasure.

You deserve the pleasure that comes with sex and intimacy. You deserve the closeness that results when you let go and surrender to these life forces. It’s time to find new evidence; to create new beliefs about intimacy in all kinds of relationships. It’s time to give love and attention to the limiting beliefs you might have around sex, and to allow yourself to experience the pure joy that comes with an open, loving, intimate relationship…Orbiting in Love.

I have some questions about your past, and what you’ve been taught. I also have affirmations and tools you can use to move forward in your quest for a more satisfying sex life, filled with intimacy, understanding, pleasure and TRUST.

Join me, and then visit to learn more about Essence of Relationships.