Orbiting In Love

Orbiting in Love

Listen to our podcast on ORBITING IN LOVE! If you rely on another person to fill your void, to complete you or to make you feel loved, then there’s too much pressure placed on that person. Not only will you struggle to attract complete people to you, you may have difficulty making relationships work. The faces may be different, but the outcomes will be the same.

When you truly believe that you are enough, and when you love yourself unconditionally, you can Orbit in Love with another person who feels complete — a person who does not need you to fill them up or convince them that they’re lovable.

Buckminster Fuller developed the concept of Orbiting in Love, and it says that two complete people can come together and create something new. They do not need to be each other’s “better half” or “complete each other,” because each one is a whole person, all on their own. They create synergy with the equation 1+1=3. No one is half a person. And together, they create something bigger than the two of them together.

I have a number of questions that will help to reveal the beliefs that might be keeping you from fully loving yourself (and therefore being able to give and receive love freely). I also have tools you can use to make yourself whole, so you can attract another complete person into your life or create a more fulfilling relationship with the person you’re with, by Orbiting in Love.

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