Managing Your Energy and Re-Emerging from Isolation

Have you noticed any hesitancy or difference from people around their personal space? Have you noticed any difference in your own personal space? This has something to do with managing your energy.

It occurred to me that people may be feeling a little discomfort or unsureness about how to manage their energy with others as we reopen the world from the pandemic. If you are like me, I am a hugger and I will approach people with open arms and now there is a pause of should I reach out, should I not? What is the response you are getting from folks? Do they look at you and keep their distance or just keep their head down and hope you do not get near them?

Your Energy Grid

We all have energy grids around us and our safe zone for personal space is different and unique. I am sure you are more aware of this due to being somewhat isolated and perhaps quarantined.

As you navigate through this next phase of reentry, I suggest you tune in to your own comfort level and be mindful of the connections we make energetically when we are near or close to someone. It is important to be aware of energy matching like whether to handshake or touch. You can control your energy fields by being aware of them and bringing them closer to you and not extending or “pushing” it out extremely far with your etheric or astral body.

This takes practice and being able to feel comfortable around people that have varying levels of energy can feel exhausting/ draining or could feel exhilarating/needed. You do not want to be an energy vampire and suck the “chi” or life force from others if you have been feeling depleted. You also want to put up a shield of sorts so that no one can do that to you.

A quick tool to use is imagine a mirror surrounding you on all sides and 360 degrees around your physical body. Just say to yourself, “Mirror up”. You are inside the mirror with the reflective parts facing out and any energy that bumps into yours cannot come into your space unless you consciously choose it. Any energy not of the light can be sent to the Divine Light and diffused and you are not affected by anyone else’s energy, but you can be present and feel connected and safe.

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