3 Steps to Overcome Fear of Failure

Are your past mistakes holding you back from taking action? Does your fear of failure cause you self-doubt?

If your answer is yes, you’re not alone.

We’ve all been affected by the anxiety of reliving the mistakes we’ve made in the past. The aftermath of our fear of failure is oftentimes linked to negative self-talk, fear of rejection, fear of being judged, and more.

Fear of failure can cause you to procrastinate and resist moving forward. But if you allow this fear to get in the way, you’ll likely miss a lot of great opportunities along the way.

So how do you stop living in fear?

How to Stop Living in Fear

1.  Understand how your brain works.

            Your brain is a powerful machine that works in wonderful ways. It deals with fear by warning you of potential threats which enables you to react to an emergency situation right away. Simply put, your brain gives you the option to fight or escape whenever it detects a source of stress or threat.

2. Acknowledge Your Feelings and Emotions

Acknowledging the way you feel and knowing the difference between real and imagined threats will help you to move forward. When you are aware that you’re in fear, you’ll notice that it’s something that only exists in your mind—something that can be changed and rewired. Yes, it’s possible to change the way you respond to fear of failure.

3. Turn Your Fear of Failure into a New Response

            A fresh perspective on failure is a significant step for turning your fear into something positive. Simply look at failure as a minor obstacle and a necessary step. The only failure is the failure to participate. As long as you are participating, you have not failed. If you are afraid to fail, then you already have. It is part of the process. Practicing meditation, affirmations, and visualization will help a lot in shifting your mindset into an empowering one.

Fear of failure is nothing but a barrier that only exists in your mind. The good news is, you have the power to conquer it and turn it into success.

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