Foot in Mouth Syndrome: the Keys to Effective Communication

foot in mouth

If you’ve ever been told to shut up, or that your opinion doesn’t matter, or if you’ve been reprimanded and made to feel that you don’t have a voice, then you might have Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome.

Communication is the response you get, so if you’re not getting the responses you want in business, family and love, then you may want to take a look at your communication.

In this podcast, you will learn the 4 Keys to Effective Communication, so you can tell your truth with compassion, be authentic, and stop feeling like your foot spends more time in your mouth than on the ground.

You will learn the difference between advice and story, and why they often have no role in effective communication.

Then, you’ll be taken through an exercise that will help to pinpoint your blocks to effective communication. You’ll identify where they originated, then look for patterns that will help you to connect the dots and work toward becoming an empathetic, compassionate communicator who gets results and builds deep, meaningful relationships.

Then, you will learn how to resolve conflict in order to find resolutions that are the highest good for all involved.

Today is the day you start to heal your Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome. What you say matters, you deserve to be heard, and you have a responsibility to hear others.

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